Fil-Aus popular child prodigy Zaebriel Orayenza has recently released a self titled EP, "Zaebriel Orayenza" containing four songs, for which the lyrics and music were composed by her.  The songs are:  Break Up, Why, Come Back to Me and With You.

"What does the release of EP means to you?  To me, it means I am stepping out, ready to be heard all over the world. It is such a great accomplishment having composed and written all the songs in the EP makes me very proud of myself. And also I feel so grateful to my Family and my Music Producer for believing in me, my abilities, they told me I have a great tone in my voice and that’s when everything started, it’s amazing!

"The best part was the excitement I was feeling while writing, I was looking forward to the outcome. I love to write songs, I have been but never get to complete a song before and now I am better at it, more inspired.

"On the flip side, I would say the greatest challenge was to tackle studies, rehearsals and writing of the songs. I had to learn to manage my time and learnt to prioritise.

"It took me few days to complete my first song (Come Back to Me) because this is a song I have started writing back when I was in Korea while doing the musical "School of Rock" . The other songs maybe a week or so because of my studies my time is divided. Then I have to master them ready for pre recording then recording. So From November 2020 to June 2021.  

"The EP was Produced by Hit Music Producers Inc / Ralph Street Studios - thankful to the whole Team!  It is out now!  It is available in more than 40 music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Tiktok.

The 13 year old from Plumpton looked forward to celebrating becoming a teenager in a birthday concert last June 24.  Everything was all set - guests artists, venue, charity beneficiary and sponsors who backed the show.  Then the concert had to be cancelled due to the restrictions following a breakout of COVID cases.

Undaunted by setbacks caused by the virus, Zaebriel has remained positive and bouyed by good feedback on her EP.  Also, despite her big disappointment over the cancellation of School of Rock last year in Adelaide, she turned to songwriting in her music journey.

"Nagpapasalamat ako kay GOD for everything that I have! "

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