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There has been wide and strong condemnation by leaders of nations and by the common citizens of the world of the invasion and vandalisation of the White House by fanatic supporters of Donald President, outgoing President of the USA. The Australian Filipina invited a few local and overseas Filipinos to give their views of what happened.

Marissa Dionson-Bala, Parklea

A mayhem whether in the U.S.A. Capitol or anywhere cannot be supported in any way.  A leader in a country or community organisation must transcend their self-interest for the sake of the country or association. 

The great leader Mohandas Ghandi once said, “
Your life is your message to the world.”

Felix Orcullo, Wahroonga

So now that the ugly monster has reared its head and is staring at them in the face, they want to remove Trump from office or impeach him before 20th January.  Even if it’s doable, it’s a little too late.  The genie is out of the bottle; there is no going back.  

Even if Trump is sincere in saying now that there will be a smooth transition, the horse has already bolted. What happened in Washington yesterday was not just a protest. Call it sedition, insurrection, or rebellion, what is now blatantly clear is what the ABC succinctly put: it’s okay to be white and wrong but not black and right. If those rebels were black, how many would have been shot by police would be nightmarish even to ponder about.  So, yes. In the end racism has well and truly reared its monstrous head in America.”


Jim Paredes, Blacktown

A blatant assault on democracy. It also showed how a delusional narcissistic demagogue can wreak havoc on the most powerful nation on earth. A democratic society demands a more discerning citizenry.  

When they stopped listening to experts and scientists, and went for fake news, 'alternate facts' and conspiracy theories, it was the start of the American decline. Leaders who are more loyal to their political ambitions and allies than the welfare of the people are the real enemies of a nation.

Sheila Raptis, Mt Annam

I am so fearful for our world, especially those in the USA. It’s so unfortunate and messed up, something familiar but definitely something I never expected from this side of the world.  

With prayers of strength and healing for a country so broken and an uncertain world hoping for safety, unity, peace and harmony. God, hear our prayers. 

Alfredo Roces, Davidson

This incident raises many issues and questions. In symbolic terms it was an invasion of Congress in the nation's capital, dramatising how fragile and vulnerable the USA is  today. Under President Trump the USA has been demoted to Third World status, politically and culturally. It also tells us that the power of legitimate Mass Media is losing out to Social Media with Trump's tweets and the blind, emotional, credibility of his followers.

Trump makes bizarre but serious allegations that no one officially questions, despite legitimate Media coverage and open transparent discussion. His followers, from the highest of Republican officials to that Washington mob, mindlessly support him.  


Councillor Linda Geronimo Santos, Blacktown

I think this is unprecedented, and America loses its role as a world leader. If a group of 'Trumpists' can attack the Capitol, it shows the weakness of the country. America then becomes fair game for authoritarian regimes like China, Iran, etc.   This incident puts fear and displays a chink in America’s armour. It shows the systemic problems raised by the Trump regime. Why was no adequate protection for the lawmakers? As pointed out, the US government had strong armour of protection during the Black Lives Matter protests.

Investigations should show who allowed this insufficient protection for the lawmakers. One wonders. The protesters had ammunitions; could have worse casualties including the lawmakers. Tragic state of affairs. Democracy died in America. Hope the Biden regime can revive the leadership role of America in the world.


Alex Meneses Sitchon, Sterling Heights, Michigan

January 6, 2021 would have been just a boring ceremony by a joint session of Congress to certify the result of the US presidential election. Instead history had another idea. The American president, in a speech at the Trump Rally in Washington DC, exhorted the mob to walk to the Capitol and retake the election victory that was fraudulently taken away from him.

It’s the first time in 200 years that the Capitol has been breeched, not by an enemy, but by its own citizens. The mob desecrated the halls of American democratic symbol. Five people died as a result.

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