The students of the Filipino class in the Saturday School of Community Languages have done well in the recent Higher School Certificate examination.  Of the nine students who took the exam, five were classified as Top Achievers, in that they got Band 6 result [from 90 mark].

The teacher of the Filipino Class, Mrs Bing Battung, who has been teaching at the SSCL since 2000, commented:

" I am so proud of the students who studied hard and approached the exams with a positive attitude.  I would like to thank their families who made it possible for them to undertake the studies and for supporting them through the year.

"I would like to encourage families with senior high school aged children (Year 11 and Year 12) to enrol their children in the Filipino class.  We not only teach the language but also promote the Filipino culture and traditions.  The result they would achieve would also help them with reaching the requirements for university course they will to take."

The Australian Filipina also caught up with one of the students who did well  in the HSC exams. Daphne Isabelle Boholano attained the overall mark of 92.

We asked how she found the exam, Daphne commented:

"The exam was a bit difficult for me. The writing and listening tasks were good but challenging. Reading was the most difficult part for me. The Tagalog in the exam was very deep and hard to understand. However, I had gotten a lot better and I was able to get through the examination to the best of my ability.

"I was really surprised with my results overall and I never expected to get a band 6 in Filipino. I am extremely happy. I would advise Filipino kids who will undertake the subject for HSC to really work on their reading and writing. They should try to find as much Filipino reading material as they can and just read. After they have read their material, they should ask themselves if they understand it. If not, I suggest them finding easier reading material and work their way up to a higher level."

We also asked Daphne was degree or course she will be doing.

"The course that I am trying to do is a Bachelor Of Music, specialising/majoring in composition. I was extremely blessed to have received an offer from the Sydney Conservatorium Of Music (The University Of Sydney)".

The Australian Filipina congratulates the students, their teachers and families on the fantastic HSC results.  We also congratulate Mrs Battung who recently received a recognition for her 20 years of dedicated service.  We also congratulate the 'pioneers' who did the lobbying for the inclusion of Filipino in HSC and the writing of the syllabus, the exam material and other resources.

Filipino is a subject in the Saturday School of Community Languages and is taught at the Bankstown Girls High school premises on Saturday at 8.30am to 12 noon. There is no fee to pay to undertake the subject.

For enquiries, here are the contact details.

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