As most of the 11,000 employees rendered jobless by the closing of ABS-CBN still lie in uncertainty, the network’s breakthrough artist and box office hitmaker, Vice Ganda proves his moniker still holds – “Unkabogable.”

After conquering television, film and advertising, it seems that even the closure of his mother station is not enough to slow him down because tonight is the launch of his prize project, his very own network - The Vice Ganda Network! In a press conference held last July 20 Vice said that he wants to reach a wider audience through his own network which will carry all his projects and videos. The network launches tonight, July 24 and it comes as the silver lining to Vice's rainbow after initial talks with another network going south due to apparent fee issues. 

This Oprah Winfrey-esque move according to Vice was not just to find ways of reaching out to his audience as an artist but also to help out ABS CBN workers who have lost their jobs due to the shutdown, as well as stand-up comedians who lost their source of income due to the closure of major comedy bars in Manila and Quezon City.  “The first people we will accommodate are those from ABS-CBN who won’t have any income for now. I need to open this project so I can also extend help to them,” Vice says.

So what’s in store for Vice’s followers? (9.3 million on Instagram, 13.7 million on Twitter and 15.9 million on Facebook) According to Vice, it’s all going to be good vibes everyday! People can get to know the latest Vice News, get some helpful Vice Beauty Tips and get a chance to win some Vice giveaways while you join the fun doing Vice Games or by watching the latest Vice Videos – all first and exclusive on the Vice Ganda Network. And of course, the network’s flagship, everyone’s Friday date night gimmick, “Gabing-Gabi na Vice!” featuring Vice Ganda and his wonderful guests ranging from sexy stars, flamboyant  & wacky comedians, and a whole lot more!

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Just in ... the launch had to be suspended due to a large number of people who logged in and the site crashed... click link for more info:

More updates soon! 




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