NSW Premier Gladys Berjeklian has appealed to all to observe restrictions to protect themselves and those around them.

At a media briefing, Ms Berjeklian said:

"NSW is on high alert. Please whether you live in a community with cases or not, we want everybody to think seriously what you are doing over the weekend. To make sure you avoid  crowds; make sure you avoid putting yourself in a situation that will compromise your health and those of others. Think about the number of people you have in your home.  We have had health advice; we know what happened elsewhere that the highest risk activity can happen in your home or those in confined space such as hospitality venue and that is why the restrictions address those.  The business involved have had a week to be ready so there is absolutely no excuse."

From 12.01am Friday 24 July 2020, venues such as cafes, restaurants, food and drink premises, micro-breweries, cellar doors, casinos, registered clubs, small bars and casinos will have to comply with the same restrictions that are in place for pubs.

The restrictions include:

  • maximum of 10 people per booking or per table.
  • maximum of 10 people on a group entering or being on the premises.
  • alcohol can only be consumed by seated customers.
  • maximum of 300 people in the venue at any one time or one customer per 4 square metres, whichever is the lesser.
  • for venues that consist of separate areas, the maximum capacity is 300 people in the separate area at any one time or one customer per 4 square metres, whichever is the lesser.

For venues for corporate events and weddings, the limit is 150 people.  Everyone is to be seated; no dancing; no singing or mingling.

Funerals are limited to 100 people.

The four square metres requirement is to be observed in all gatherings. Where it is not possible to have social distancing, people should wear a mask.

In terms of visits to homes of family and friends, the recommended protocols are:

  • Up to 20 visitors may visit another household at any one time. The total number of visitors includes adults and children.
  • There is no daily limit to visitors to your home, so long as you don’t have more than 20 visitors at any one time.
  • If you are over 70 or have a pre-existing medical condition, you should limit the number of visitors and take care at all times.  

The border closure between NSW and Victoria remains in place.  The lockdown remains in the whole of the Melbourne and Mitchell Local Government Area.  The wearing of mask is compulsory with a $200 fine for breaching this requirement.

The border with Queensland is open except for residents or those who visited places in the Liverpool, Campbelltown and Fairfield local government areas.

The Prime Minister, Mr Scott Morrison said national cabinet agreed to fast track the approvals processes for 15 major projects, intended to create jobs in the pandemic. Those projects are worth about $72bn, he said.

He said the commonwealth had now spent more than $300bn on the health response and direct fiscal measures, and state governments had spent a further $42bn. He suggested states should spend more.

And so, there is a strong platform for states to take additional economic measures where they see the opportunity to do that, and there’s a very, very significant platform of fiscal support and balancing support that the commonwealth has provided, enables every extra dollar that they spend at a state level to go that much further.


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