At a media briefing this afternoon on September 4, 2020, NSW Premier Gladys Berjeklian stated that NSW agrees with the National Cabinet consensus to have an agreed definition of "hotspot" and for the borders to be opened for Christmas time.

She said:

"There was no definition agreed but a consistent definition of what is a hot spot could ensure states had no excuse to keep their borders up.

There was a consistent, national health approach to what a hot spot was defined of that would give states both courage and imprimatur to bring down their borders. Ours experience in New South Wales is one you need to consider a hot spot.

So the information we worked off today is a constructive start.

I think the important thing is that most states and territories agreed we should have that definition because then there’s really no excuse for anybody to be hiding behind not having those definitions.

There is an aim to have all states open their borders by Christmas – seven out of eight have agreed to work towards that."

With regards to the much-talked about 'disagreement' or even referred to by the media as "spat" between Queensland and New South Wales regarding border closure, Premier Berjeklian said:

"In relation again to New South Wales-Queensland borders I urge the Queensland premier to consider carefully the impact the borders are having on our citizens on either side.

"When I think about the impacts of people, I don’t think of them necessarily on either side of the border. I think during a pandemic you have to look at this issue from a compassionate perspective, a human perspective and appreciate that people with medical challenges with compassionate reasons or just to get to work need to be considered and I urge the Queensland premier to consider all of those issues moving forward, especially given where New South Wales is in the pandemic and what we’ve demonstrated."

The Premier was apologetic when she said that she can’t overturn a ban on visiting aged care centres ahead of Father’s Day, because she can’t overrule the health advice her Chief Health Officer has given her.

However, Year 12 students will be happy to hear that she agreed for Year 12 Formals to go ahead but without the usual singing and dancing.

New South Wales reported 12 new cases and the CBD cluster has grown to 52

The Prime Minister announced that the National Cabinet had a consensus that "we needed to further boost the capacity for inbound arrivals into Australia, particularly for those Australians seeking to come home. " 

He had said that 7 out of 8 in the National Cabinet have agreed to open borders in December and that an agreed definition for hotspot  is necessary. He used the analogy of everyone needing to get on the bus, not necessarily on the same time.

In the meantime, Victoria Premier Dan Andrews reported 83 new cases and deaths tally increased by 59, but only six of that happening in the last 24 days.  He said that Victoria's road map to recovery will be announced on Sunday.


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