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As NSW continues its record of zero community transmission for the 54th day, the NSW Premier agreed to relax rules applying for people who arrive in NSW from New Zealand.

The good news is that those who have been in Auckland in the past 14 days are now exempt from hotel quarantine, provided they get tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours of arriving in NSW. Then they need to self-isolate in their accommodation until a negative result is confirmed.

If a test is not recorded for the travellers, NSW Health will follow up these arrivals to inform them of their obligations.

For those who only transited through Auckland Airport after flying from another part of NZ, there is no requirement for them to go on quarantine or self-isolate upon arrival in NSW.

There is still concern with new cases being regularly detected among overseas arrivals as they pose a risk of COVID-19 spreading into the NSW community through them.

The NSW Health authorities remind everyone that despite the good record of zero cases, it is important that everybody remains vigilant to practise COVID-safe behaviours and be tested  even with the mildest of symptoms.


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