Statuesque, dusky with a winner kilowatt smile… beauty queen – my thoughts on the first time that I met Australian-Filipina model Kymberlee Street. We worked together several years ago the Haiyan charity concert, “Rise-Up”, the ground-breaking “TPK Fashion Expo and now, she’s aiming on becoming one of the stars in the biggest pageant in the whole world … the Universe, rather. Here’s my interview with NSW State Finalist for the Miss Universe Australia pageant, Kymberlee Street.

AF: When did you become aware of beauty pageants? What were your first thoughts? 

Kymberlee Street (KS): I did not have substantial knowledge of beauty pageants until I joined my first one in 2017. I was aware and had heard of Miss Universe, but did not realise how many pageants and different systems were out there, nor did I know how impactful they can be not only to the individual but to the whole society. My initial thoughts of pageants were quite stereotypical, simply thinking that all just based on physical appearance. I never thought I would join a competition like this as I lacked the confidence and didn’t believe I would even have a chance. 


AF: Can you tell us your experience in joining Miss Philippines- Australia? What did you feel when you won the title? 

KS: It was a life changing experience being part of the Miss Philippines Australia program. Not only did it allow me to embrace and learn more about my Filipino culture but it taught me a new meaning of knowing my self-worth, an understanding of my strengths and insecurities as well as a door full of opportunities to help me become the person I am today. Winning the title was a very humbling moment. I was also able to travel to the Philippines on a mission trip, visiting schools and orphanages which opened my eyes and opened my heart to continue to help those in need and help enhance the lives of others. 


AF: Tell us your experience joining Miss Cosmopolitan World ? What were your learnings from the pageant? 

(Miss Cosmopolitan World is a beauty pageant held since 2015 headquartered in Malaysia, under the ownership of Amelia Liew. Amelia herself competed in the 2009 Miss Universe Malaysia contest and participated in a world-level contest, Miss Asia Pageant 2011 in Hong Kong.Kymberlee joined the international  pageant in 2019.)

KS: I am so grateful to have represented Australia in Miss Cosmopolitan on an international level. Meeting all the other girls from the other countries was very special. The bonds we created have turned into lifelong friendships. The ability to learn about their culture and share the experience with them is something that will forever remain close to my heart. I learnt how to stay in control and prepare both mentally and physically. With jam packed schedules, hours standing in heels, press conferences and rehearsals, I learned how to adapt, be resilient, manage my time and of course make the most of all the opportunities.  

AF: How did you become a state finalist to Miss Universe Australia? What do you think is that unique trait (physical or otherwise) that you possess which makes you closer to claiming the crown? 

KS: I was very grateful to have been selected as NSW state finalist for Miss Universe Australia through my online application and video. After a few months we had our state finals where again I was selected as a national finalist where I will be moving on to compete for the title in September. It may sound cliché but staying humble and being true to myself. I don’t believe that there is just one unique trait that I possess. I like to showcase all the different qualities and attributes that has shaped me to be the person I am today, including my mix ethnicity, education (finance and accounting graduate), business owner (Defence Skincare), my life experiences, passions and hobbies that I want to share and inspire others, thus being unapologetically myself. 

AF: Have your reasons to be a beauty queen changed from the time you joined pageants to the present? 

KS: When I first joined pageants, it was more focused on self-development and growth as a person, to discover my passions and purpose. It was a very new experience for me and something that really pushed me out of my comfort zone, being quite an introverted and shy person. Now coming into Miss Universe Australia, I am ready to continue to learn, share and inspire others through my own experiences, enjoy every moment and continue to help others to reach their full potential and achieve their own goals and aspirations in life. 

AF:  What would you do when you become Miss Universe Australia? 

KS: To be crowned Miss Universe Australia I hope to shed the light and advocate for ending violence against women and children. Through implementing initiatives and expanding knowledge to address sexual harassment and other forms of violence that result to physical and mental health consequences, it is important to create safe spaces and educational services to help rebuild their lives and be able to enter society in a much more confident and positive way. I would also strengthen my business partnership and alignment with Destiny Rescue who help rescue and save young women and children that are victims of human trafficking and sex slavery. With a portion of sales donated for every order from Defence Skincare, this can assist in helping fund the missions, rescue the women and children and enrich their future lives. 

Exciting times coming up ahead for Kymberlee as she goes through this journey. Keep to this page for more exciting news on her pageant journey to the Universe.

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