July 2009

The Story Teller

What happens when four Aboriginal elders and three Filipino women gather round the dining table and share each other’s life stories? A workshop...

04 Jul 2009

Sky's the limit

Jaime Bautista, the president of Philippine Airlines, greets me with a firm handshake and a smile. It's late in the afternoon and most of his co-wor...

03 Jul 2009

Getting rich the easy way

Are you kuripot (stingy) or galante (generous)? If your Filipina blood runs thick, chances are you’d rather break the bank than see ...

05 Jul 2009

The young and the homeless

The pricey housing market is locking many Gen Yers (and Gen Xers!) out of buying their first home. According to official property figures from HIA, th...

03 Jul 2009

Dos and don'ts of property deductions

You’ve bought your first investment property, now it’s time to sort out your books. MICHELLE BALTAZAR writes what you can claim from the ...

03 Jul 2009

Identity crisis: What is an Australian-Filipina?

I’m trying to get Filipino books, DVDS and CDs but I don’t know where to get them. Can you help me?

I’d like to get a pet to keep me company. What should I consider before getting one?

I’ve just arrived from the Philippines. Can you give me some tips on how to rent on a tight budget?

How do I get my Medicare card or join a private health fund?

It’s cooking!

We know you’ve been waiting for it, and we can’t wait to show you the fruits of our labour for the last 18 months! If you’d like to ...

04 Jul 2009

Romance after

If there’s anything worse than spending Valentine’s Day alone, it’s waking up the next day to the realisation that, well, you missed...

03 Jul 2009

Beauty on a budget

Make your life easier and your wallet full. Here are a few tips on how to be a budget beauty shopper

03 Jul 2009

Treasure Hunt

Are you sick of mass-produced clothes that seem to be on everyone’s backs? With Vintage clothing, you can create your own unique sense of styl...

06 Jul 2009

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If you’re looking for the cheapest and finest food court around the Sydney CBD, make your way to Hunter Connection, right across Wynyard Stati...

03 Jul 2009

What’s cooking?

Acclaimed Filipino-Australian cookbook author and this year’s winner of the Filipino Master Chef Competition, NERIA SOLIMAN, has compiled a lis...

03 Jul 2009

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The multi-billion dollar diet and fitness industry had become a mockery of itself before Ab-Doers and leg warmers. Lazy intellectual reasoning and ...

03 Jul 2009

Seven days in Paris

I only had my gloves off for a couple of seconds when my fingers started to freeze. The sun had set and the temperature had plummeted to face-numbin...

03 Jul 2009

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In my family, cooking is a tradition. Everyone has a signature dish. My specialty was burning food. Once, I forgot I was boiling water and scorched ...

03 Jul 2009

Finding your voice

I’m part of a silent minority of Filipinos who bear a secret shame: I can’t sing to save my life. From the age of six, I’ve envied L...

03 Jul 2009

Q&A with Jennifer Trijo, musician

Demi can dance

Classical dance training, flawless technique and the X-factor are three things you need to pass the audition for next season’s So You Think You ...

12 Jul 2009


With a camera in hand and a friend in the other, our art director MICHELLE ROLDAN captured these random images while traveling around South East Asi...

13 Jul 2009

Want to have your photos published?

Every week, we want to publish a photo essay on any topic under the sun. The only rule is that the photos come with a story of what the images mean ...

04 Jul 2009

Working in Australia: Things you must know

The Pinoy’s guide to Australian politics

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Forget hand-written letters, long-distance calls and e-mail. When it comes to keeping in touch with family and friends, you can’t beat the conve...

03 Jul 2009