It’s the first quarter of the year and pageant fans are all excited to see how the cancelled pageants of 2020 will fare in 2021. Filos are such big pageant fans that the country remains quiet for several hours when Miss Universe is on just to find out which candidate is declared the most beautiful woman in the world … no, the universe.

This penchant for wearing that coveted crown dates back to the time of the “Zagalas” where the community’s fairest dalaga (young lady) gets to wear the crown of Queen Helena and  the  Carnival Queens of the 1900’s when the affluent sends forth their lovely debutantes to be declared the fairest of them all – which could’ve been brought by the age-old fairy tales of being the fairest in all the land.

image c/o Pinterest

image c/o Pinterest

If so, let me be the evil queen to shatter all your dreams of one day wearing your crown everywhere you go –  or at least to the events that matter. Here are some very important points that were gathered from relevant pageant producers around the world.

  1. DO NOT WEAR YOUR SASH OR CROWN POST REIGN. You had your hurrah moment, your face has been plastered all over social media and the press… now it’s time to let someone else wear the crown and have the spotlight.

  2. DO NOT WEAR YOUR CROWN TO A RELIGIOUS EVENT. Your crown might cause more distraction to people who will be in attendance from the solemnity of the event.

  3. DO NOT WEAR YOUR CROWN TO ANOTHER QUEEN’S CROWNING. Wearing your crown to another queen’s coronation draws a lot of attention to yourself and may cause awkward comparison that will lead to people thinking that you need attention which, let’s be honest, is kinda’ sad.

  4. DO NOT WEAR THE CROWN AND SASH TO ANOTHER PAGEANT. If you wear your crown to another pageant, this gives the appearance that you think that their pageant is less important or that you couldn’t be bothered to distinguish between the two.

Laura Hunter, Director of Ms. World makes a very valid and logical point, “In my opinion, once a title is given up neither the sash nor crown should be worn again in public, ever.”

According to You won because of your grace and character, and you want to continue to display these characteristics after your win and show respect to each title that you've earned by wearing the appropriate and coordinating sash and crown.

Three words that reminds us to have a sense of propriety when wearing our pageant crowns – grace, character and respect. The crown is an achievement that no one can take away from you. It is a symbol that you are fit to be admired and emulated. But like an athlete at the top of his game, one has to know when to quit. It’s only proper to let others shine.

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