Fil-Aussie Passion Coach and Intuitive Guide, Joergette Mae Medel will speak at the Women's League online summit to be hosted by the World Leader Summit [WLS] during 8-10 March 2021 to celebrate International Women's Day.

Joergette whose professional tag is The Soul Igniter, will be speaking  on "Using Crisis As Your Catalyst - Transform Your Pain into Passion, Power & Purpose".

"This topic is very dear to my heart and I will share stories of my own journey from heartbreak to being the heroine of my own life.

"Being a mum of 4 beautiful children, my journey hasn’t been easy. I have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows throughout this rollercoaster ride of life. I have hit rock bottom on multiple occasions, and I have experienced multiple Deaths and Rebirths in this lifetime. And just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, I too have clawed my way through the dark, risen through the many challenges and obstacles I have faced and have been reborn multiple times over.

"Whilst my life is far from being picture perfect, I get to enjoy my life with my amazing partner who supports me unconditionally, who sees me and loves me for who I truly am; I get to be a mum to my gorgeous kids; I get to be and do ME without compromising on my values. Together as a family, we are striving towards consciously creating our dream life.

 What is the World Leader Summit?

The World Leader Summit (WLS) is a Think Tank which organises International Summits globally to increase business network, knowledge, and culture exchange.

The mission of WLS is to foster entrepreneurship globally. WLS is dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community. WLS’s focus area is to generate and enable the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Founded by Arijit Bhattacharyya, the main purpose of WLS is to be a World Class Dynamic Platform that supports the development of human potential, entrepreneurs, businesses, technological advancements & nation building across systems, industries, cultures, and nations.

What is the WLS Women's League Online Summit?

The online summit of the WLS Women's League is expected to showcase 50+ speakers from 27+ countries across the globe.  The people attending are Start-ups, Business Leaders, Students, Professors, Change Makers, Entrepreneurs, Industry Leaders.

In a similar event held in December 2020, 1500 active participants viewed online. There were 120+ speakers from 90+ countries, as well as 16+ Jury members for Industry awards and start-up awards .

The speaker line-up for the March event can be viewed on:

What does this speaking engagement mean to Joergette?

This is not the first time that 39 year old Joergette will be speaking in a world gathering aimed at empowering women.   She spoke at the Leading with Heart Global Women's Summit in Makati, Philippines on 1-2 February 2020, which had the good fortune of being held before the pandemic gripped the world.

However, having seen what people had endured in 2020, she looks at this engagement for the International Women's Day as something special.

"I have a fundamental belief that everything happens in perfect Divine timing and always for a purpose.

"This speaking engagement represents a milestone in my career and my life. It shows me that not only is it now MY time to be seen and be heard; it's also the perfect time for more women (and men) to hear the message I'm here to share.

"Things happen quickly when you're living in alignment with your purpose. It's when I'm presented with synchronistic opportunities like these that I know I'm walking my path and living my purpose.


Joergette, 39, who goes by her maiden surname, is the middle child of Manny and Jean Medel. She has two brothers. Joergette lives in Sydney with her partner Anthony and their blended family. Joergette and Anthony have 4-year old twin girls, Anastasia and Antoinette, plus her 13-year old son Jai and 10-year old daughter Jamae from her previous marriage.

Joergette has adapted The Soul Igniter as her professional persona and tag. Through her transformational programs, she supports women to RISE and Transform their Pain into Passion, Purpose and Power, so that they can ultimately live their passions and love their life.

Her mission is to help women embody their true authentic self and remove the blocks that are holding them back from realising their true potential. 

As an International Speaker, Passion Coach and Intuitive Guide, Joergette integrates practical tools with spiritual practices and facilitates transformational healing journeys for her clients.

Amongst her many accolades, Joergette is a recipient of the “Iconic Leaders Creating a Better World for All” Award at the Annual Women Economic Forum in India 2019.

Her involvement in the Filipino-Australian community commenced with an interview by Radio Tagumpay and subsequently co-anchoring with Crystel Bandal the Independence Day gala celebration by the Alliance of Australian Philippine Organisations (APCO) in June 2019.  Sadly with the restrictions caused by COVID 19 during 2020, many events had been cancelled which had stalled further involvement in the community.  


The Australian Filipina looks at 2021 with optimism and hopes to feature more community events involving more Fil-Aussies.

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