Lakas Filipina, a Filipino-Australian organisation collaborates with Philippine-based theatre group Teatro Tomasino Alumni Association as they launch an enlightening and empowering workshop series this coming week entitled “FOURTH WALL.”

Headed by Ms. Elsa Collado, Lakas Filipina is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to support and empower women in Australia to exercise their rights, political participation, ensure access to education and healthcare. For this free online workshop, they will be working with the alumni association of the University-wide theatre guild of the Holy Pontifical University of Santo Tomas in Manila which is the oldest university in Asia. From this theatre group were borne several known names in the entertainment industry like Piolo Pascual, John Lapus, Eagle Riggs and Dang Cruz-Santos, as well as prolific directors Abdon Cuaresma, Andoy Ranay, Eric Salud, and Wenn Deramas (R.I.P.).

The workshop aims to provide worthwhile training to help people to start creating movements in their household that will allow them to adjust better and cope with the current pandemic.

Below is the schedules and the list of topics for the upcoming free online workshop series:

Limited spots are available. Grab a slot now!  Register by clicking this link:


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