Fil-Aus ‘child prodigy’ Jasmine Henry has been sharing her gift of music from the age of nine years old.  She has performed in numerous fundraising events until she and her mother Pin Henry left for the Philippines some three years ago for Jasmine to pursue her singing, modelling and acting passions.  Over the  years, she has held birthday concerts with part of the proceeds being earmarked for charity.  

She recently turned 18 years on 19th of June, which is the same birth day as her devoted mother Pin Henry, and not to forget our national hero, Dr Jose Rizal.  Consistent with the previous years, she always thinks of a charity to help for her birthday.   This time, her generous gesture included her successful girl band G22.   G22 which has a huge following in the Philippines was guest in Family Feud tv show on June 9 to play the game show against a popular boy band VXON.    For their participation, G22 elected a charity to receive the prize money of P20,000.

There was no publicity regarding this donation and the band at the suggestion of Jasmine donated it to Childdreamers Tondo which was a brainchild project of one of Sydney’s community leaders and media workers, Menchie Maneze who spends a lot of time in the Philippines since her retirement.

Menchie sent me the note below:

Hi Violi, received a nice surprise today. PHP20k donation from G22 via GMA7 show Family Feud. I didn’t know how, until i saw Jasmine Henry’s name in the certificate sent to me by the show producer. So happy and excited to see Jasmine doing great.

Childreamers was mentioned at around 25:00 of the video of the show. 

 Please extend our biggest thanks to Jas and Pin. A much-needed answer to our prayer for funds to fix leaking worn roofing.

I have been in communication with Pin but she has not mentioned this lovely gesture of Jasmine and her team mate in G22. They are indeed silent achievers, who do good without the expectation of publicity and acknowledgement.

Menchie Maneze is joined by another Sydneysider, Bettina Johnson-Green, who acts as Treasurer for the group.  For more information about Childdreamers - Tondo, check out their FB page.

Jasmine's debut is truly special.  She and Pin were happy that her brother Tom, who is based in Sydney, was with them for their birthdays.  Jasmine also received a surprise get-together from her fan club and a glitzy formal celebration attended by her showbiz friends.

The Australian Filipina wishes both Jasmine and Pin many happy returns of their special day, as well as more success for G22.

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