NSW Health is urging everyone to stay safe and stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus during Easter, a time when family gatherings and church activities are high.

To help remind people to celebrate in a COVID-safe way, NSW Health and the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (MHCS) in partnership with the Multicultural Health Service in Western Sydney Local Health District and religious leaders in NSW, have produced community resources, including a special video with tips on how to stop the spread of the virulent disease. 

While restrictions have eased in NSW, health experts have said the following:

* Easter gatherings must be kept small 

* Practice social distancing of 1.5metres when attending mass or other church activities.

* Use your own utensils and avoid share plates when attending parties

* Avoid kissing and hugging people in social settings

* Get vaccinated as soon as this is made available via your GP

* Wash your hands regularly

The information about vaccination was particularly important.

NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant has also reached out to the leaders of culturally and linguistically diverse communities across the state to help spread accurate information on COVID-19 vaccination.

“Over the past year, I’m so grateful that they have helped us by sharing information on subjects like the symptoms of COVID-19, how to get tested and how to keep COVID safe,” she said.

“Now we are asking them to help us again to make sure everyone gets accurate information they can trust on vaccines and the vaccination process.

“Not all the information circulating out there is correct, so it’s important that people know where to go for the right advice.

State Health Emergency Operations Centre Controller Susan Pearce, who is managing the state-wide COVID-19 vaccine rollout, said vaccination would be free for everyone in Australia, including those without Medicare cards.

“Vaccination is one of the key steps to helping us protect our loved ones and being able to resume a more normal life.”

Information on vaccination is available in various languages at https://www.health.gov.au/initiatives-and-programs/covid-19-vaccines/covid-19-vaccine-information-in-your-language

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