I hope you got a kick out of the first of three articles on the fashion essentials to make it through 2020. Now that you’ve created a classic canvas for your look, this time, we’re going to list down the accessories that can complete the look and upgrade your style. Remember to make these items work for you, quality is key.


  1. LAYER NECKLACE – Perfect for a white tank top or a body fit shirt. It breaks the streamlined look and creates texture to the ensemble. Be consistent with hues to make it look more coherent.

  1. HOOP EARINGS – Classic accessories that add fun and whimsy to your look. The diameter of the hoop depends on the length of your neck – wearing large hoops will make your neck seem shorter so manage your proportions.

  1. HAIR BANDS – Allows you to deal with bad hair days with style. The design and thickness will all depend on what hair type you have. If you’re going to spend most of your time outdoors, choose a hair band that has in-set bristles to keep it in place.

  1. CLASSIC SUNGLASSES – It may be a classic wayfarer or an aviator – this item is not just an accessory but a necessity given the current climate situation. If these classic styles are too classic for you, go for contrasts – a square or rectangular piece if your face is round or circular if your face is angular. Your sunnies complete the whole look for the day says Fashion Director, Robby Carmona (ig: @robbycarmona)

  1. SCARF – Former model and now events manager, Ai Santarinala (ig:@santarinala_ai) always keeps a scarf handy for its functionality and versatility – as a neckpiece, a hairband, to texturize a tailored look, and to perk up an old bag.

  1. FANNY PACK - It’s stylishly back for both men and women according to Britain’s Top designer for 2017, John Herrera (ig:johnherrera). Luxury brands have created their own versions to perk up your personal style. Have it in earth tones to for versatility.

  1. BARELY-THERE SANDALS – a minimalist approach to footwear that matches almost everything casual – resort, walk-wear, and just your plain chill out flowy looks. It accentuates one of the sexiest parts of your body – your feet.

  1. ANKLE BOOTS – It could be combat boots, your trusty Doc’s or even your 2 inch-heel Uggs – this item provides contrast to your chill-out loose numbers as a statement or keeps the heat in during colder seasons.

  1. MINIMAL SNEAKERS – usually white, this piece comes as a refreshing reprieve from the bulky and torn up looks of the past. Matches almost everything and tones down more sartorial looks.

  1. SLIP ON ONS – For those “can’t-be-bothered” days. It could be anything from the comfy ballet flats to the classic leather loafers – cute, dainty and preppy.

  1. POINTED LEATHER KITTEN HEEL SHOES – very feminine and allows you to walk around far longer. Can upgrade any casual look to a more chic ensemble.


  1. OVERSIZED TOTE –It’s both pretty and practical and matches functionality with style. Keeps all your essentials in a soft leather stylish carry-all

If you're confused on what goes well with your look and your other accessories, well that now depends on what makes you feel good. Or you can just remember what Coco Chanel said, "Before you leave the house, look at the mirror and remove one accessory."



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