There is an upcoming and much awaited event in the community which is going to be packed with glamour, glitz, fashion and entertainment.  No, it is not another beauty pageant. It is the Teen and Miss Runway Supermodel Australia 2021 combined with the ChicStilo fashion show to be held on May 15 at the Novotel West HQ at 6pm-11pm.

The lovely participants of this modelling search went through intensive training and workshops in preparation for the big event as well as for their journey in the modelling world. 

Nobody can be prouder of what the participants have achieved so far than  Runway Supermodel Australia director, Lovely Bandal. 

Lovely enthuses: "We are proud to say that all of the participants got featured in top and international magazines like SHUBA, PUMP, MALVIE and more. Opportunities like these give these young aspiring models a chance to build their portfolio while undertaking the program and which they can use to start with for their modelling career."

At the event's finals night, the teens will be vying for Teen Runway Supermodel Australia 2021 and the adults, vying for Miss Runway Supermodel Australia 2021.  This is when they are expected to present themselves and show everything they had learned from the Runway Supermodel program. They will be dressed up by the fashion designers and walk with their collections on the runway. On this evening, the launching of Crystel Bandal's fashion magazine, ChicStilo, will be undertaken at the second segment of the fashion show.

The Australian Filipina is glad to share the Q&A chat with Lovely who is the heart and the brain behind Miss Runway Supermodel Australia, to gain an insight into her persona.

*What do you hold fondly in your heart as your achievements so far?

In every business that I venture, I do it with a purpose. My inspiration is to create a project or a business that will resolve people's problems and make their life better.  I usually get ideas by observing the people around me and find ways to ease their worries; or sometimes, by resolving my own concerns. By finding and trying different possible solutions, most of the time, I end up creating a system with proven strategies and techniques. I could say, I just love creating and sharing ideas. It makes me feel good when I see my creation turning into reality and helping other people in a better way.

I count as my achievement that I am able to give happiness to other people. It makes me feel that I am living my life with a purpose. In this respect, the rewards are remarkable and priceless.

*On the flip side, what challenges have you faced and overcome?

 My daughter and I encountered different challenges in our businesses. These are part and parcel of running businesses so would always be there. But for me, challenges become invisible or more visible depending on how you perceive and handle the situation. When Crystel and I discuss the things that we think are slowing us down in getting our goals, we take time to stop and think of possible solutions. Not just one but a lot of possible ways we could come up with. Then we figure out things, analyse the situation then filter the facts to narrow it down. Basically, we keep ourselves optimistic, calm and logical at the face of challenges. 

The best example was how we handled the pandemic situation that was slowly killing the industry and other businesses. We were in the hype and full of excitement at the start of 2020 and deflated when the COVID19 came in. Honestly, I got depressed but had thought of accepting the situation and float or get up, fight and do something else that might ease the situation or better, change the situation. I chose to keep going and use more of my imagination and creativity. I told Crystel, let's go and dig to find beauty in this very ugly situation. Therefore, I let myself get crazy and crazier for exciting things to do.

*If there is anything you can change of what you experienced or done in the past, what would they be?

I have few regrets from my past mistakes and experiences but not in the sense that I hold onto that. I keep them as lessons and guide for my future decisions. I am more on moving forward and keep going.

I could say that those errors made me a better person  and made me what I am today.  I believe that I can be at my best version in the future by just keeping myself always moving forward. 

*What inspired you to undertake Teen and Miss Runway Supermodel?

When we closed down one of our businesses, Gold Ribbon Cake, Crystel came up to me and asked if she could go back to modelling. I was sceptical because I know the industry that she wants to get into. I briefed her and gave her some warnings and insights. But as expected, things were never easy and sad to say that Crystel fell into the trap of insincere people in the industry. I saw other young girls suffered the same situations that brought them misery. When I stood up for my daughter, she got bullied online. I looked for the best ways and strategies to help and save her that I think is safe and effective. I created projects that focus on educating the youth about the industry. I did a lot of research and study on how to protect these young talents and create a safe environment for them.

 Crystel and I agreed to cultivate and focus on her gift in speaking to strengthen our purpose.  And so, from creating her own channel, "Behind The Lens," we grew and expanded our ideas by creating projects like Runway Supermodel Australia. Our focal point is to educate the youth and build strong and top calibre future talents in the fashion and entertainment industry.

*Would this be your first foray into that area?  if not, please share info on what similar undertaking you have done?

Fashion and entertainment are not new to me. I was exposed to these areas and had experiences in them back home in the Philippines when I was young.

I did some gigs and extra acting roles, as well as print modelling to support my study. I attended lots of workshops and training in personal development, acting, and modelling. Those experiences and knowledge that I had gained became useful tools in training and mentoring my daughter, Crystel and which I have extended to other girls now. I have developed my ideas, skills, techniques and strategies over the years and that is what I am using in coaching and mentoring.

I never stopped learning and acquiring new skills and ideas. I always explore and expand because I believe that this is my calling and I am passionate about it.

*What do you enjoy most in this undertaking?

Events are magical to me. They bring me to a different world and dimension. The feeling and experience are unexplainable. 

In this undertaking it give me satisfaction knowing that I am sharing my skills, experiences and passion to these young people.

*What are you looking forward to achieving in undertaking this initiative/project?

My daughter and I are keeping on improving our creations and bringing it up to a high level.  We aim to make a recognisable mark in this industry.

In the future, we aim to bring it internationally to spread it out and help more people. 

*What would you advise to those who are interested to join but maybe hesitating or not having enough courage to do so?

The best advice I could give is to be brave enough in trying new things. To be cautious is normal and common, but you have to think that life is not exciting without taking risks.

Live your life to the fullest as much as you can. You only live once!

*From a parent's perspective, how is for you seeing your daughter doing well in the project?  what are Crystel's qualities that you think fit well with the aims of the project?

My husband and I could never be more proud of our daughter, Crystel. We see how she carries herself and holds onto her values in every aspect of her life. She is very responsible, resilient and smart.

We are confident that even if she's far away from us while discovering and creating her own path in the real world, she will be doing well.

*What else do you wish to achieve in life?

As long as we live, we never stop to crave in achieving things. But at this moment, what I want to do is watch my seeds growing and bearing fruits.

I want to share a good and peaceful life with my family, loved ones and people that I care about. 



Lovely Angeles-Bandal was born in Marikina.  She has four siblings, and the second to the youngest. She has one brother and three sisters. Her father, Generoso Angeles, was from Marikina and her mother, Caridad Maravilla-Angeles, was from Bicol.  Lovely, who was named by her mother after a perfume, grew up and was raised in a business environment. Her parents had their inherited shoe business in her father's side in Marikina,  the Angeles Shoes.  Unfortunately, this was closed down when the foreign-produced shoes from Taiwan became a trend and affected the shoe industry in Marikina. She  was about 14 years old at that time.

Lovely shared that they struggled financially, and so at the early age of 15, she worked with her mother in a shoe factory and supported her own study until she graduated high school. She continued supporting herself in college by working in different fast food and restaurants and doing some gigs on the side as a talent and model. But because of the loads and pressures, she dropped out of college and focused on working and improving her crafts in acting and modelling.

She spent her time attending workshops and training courses. She did a few extra acting roles in television and print modelling.  She then worked for a multi-national company as a receptionist. This was where she met her husband, Ace Bandal, who was a field engineer. Her husband's family is in politics. Her mother-in-law, Mayor Teresita Bandal, is the current mayor of Capul, Northern Samar.

Lovely and Ace's first child is Crystel, who is 20 years old now.  Crystel was 7 years old when the family migrated here in Australia in June 2008. Then a year after, they had their second child, James, now 11 years old. Here in Australia, Lovely became busy as a mum, wife and entrepreneur. They did events in 2012, and Crystel who was 12 years old at that time was her assistant.  The family had a few other businesses, one of them was Gold Ribbon Cake. Crystel was always her business partner. Now, they are still in events.

From organising and planning other people's events, they levelled up by creating and producing their own events. They have established the Regal Star Productions, Runway Academy, Behind The Lens and Runway Supermodel Australia.

The Australian Filipina wishes Runway Supermodel Australia a successful event and for the participants to enjoy their experience. Don't miss this fantastic event which is also raising funds for The Smith Family.  There are still few tickets left.  For bookings and enquiries, ring Lovely on 0402 479 984.


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