Elysa Villareal, who is popularly known as Elysa V, is giving her support to A Virtual Fundraising Concert to Benefit for the Filipino Heroes and Guardians of the West Philippine Seas, to be held on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2021, at 10-12noon Manila time, 1-3pm Australia time. 

The event will be livestreamed on the FB page of the National Youth Movement for the West Philippine Sea  (2) National Youth Movement for the West Philippine Sea ( NYMWPS) | Facebook

Dr. Celia Lamkin Founder and Global Chairperson National Youth Movement for the West Philippine Sea Organizer, Charity Concert “ PINOY BY HEART” to benefit the guardians and Filipino Heroes of the West Philippine Sea approached Radio Tagumpay for help in promoting the event in Australia.

Dr Celia Lamkin

Radio Tagumpay and The Australian Filipina readily agreed to extend support in promoting the event and subsequently agreed to have a Fil-Aus artist to do a special performance in addition to the finalised line up of artists.

Elysa V gladly accepted the opportunity to help out. She commented:
"I was motivated to participate in the online concert because it's for a good cause and I will be singing about Jesus. I also always love to support Tita Violi's good causes, as she also always supports me in every way she can."

Twenty two year old Elysa V is a Singer/Songwriter/Rapper/Musical Arranger/Influencer, who is widely known for her stint on the XFactor UK 2017.  She has also self released/produced ten Original Singles on all Digital Platforms..She lived in the Philippines for almost a year in 2018, where she did guestings for main TV Networks and Radio Stations including the WISH Bus. Her first original Tagalog Song was released under IVORY MUSIC and she was signed with them for 3 years since 2018.  She is in her final year of studying a 3yrs degree, Bachelor of Music, Major in Music Production. in Sydney, Australia. 

Elysa Vs contribution will be "Jesus, You're My Saviour" which she composed the lyrics and music, arranged, recorded, mastered and released in various digital platforms.  Check out Elysa V's social media accounts and her following:Instagram: elysavmusic (68.3K); Facebook: Elysa Paglinawan Villareal (58.7K); Facebook Page: Elysavmusic (8.1K); YouTube: Elysa V. (6.7K)

The other artists performing in the online concert are:  Rachel Alejandro, Nyoy Volante, Ima Castro, Kitkat, Goldie and Ogie of REtroSpect, Noble Queen Cookie.  It will be hosted by JMartin.  The special guest speaker is Atty Loida Lewis who is a known Philanthropist, Businesswoman, Motivated Speaker, Civic Leader, Author and Lawyer.

The concert aims to raise funds for the brave men, women, and children living in Pagasa Island, Kalayaan, Palawan.  NYMWPS intends to raise funds for the following Outreach Goals: 1. Pag-asa Elementary School Rehab -Complete PA system -Entertainment system -Painting of school building - School Playground 2. Pag-asa Health Centre -Donation of new medical equipments such as EKG machine, hospital beds, blood glucose meters and strips, nebulizers, wheelchairs, stretchers and other medical supplies. 3. Recreational Centre Donation of musical instruments such as guitars, keyboard. ukelele; goods for sports, and arts and crafts supplies

Radio Tagumpay is also glad to arrange a sponsorship with the support of Triple H 100.1FM Board and the Community Broadcasting Foundation, for the event offering performance of talented artists and extend help to our kababayans.  The main source of livelihood of the families living in the area is fishing which is dependent on the challenges of the season.

Radio Tagumpay Team: Criz Guce, Andrew Russell and Violi Calvert

If you are also interested to become a sponsor or have enquiries, you can contact Dr Celia Lamkin on: info@nymwps.net

Let's enjoy this event and help a good cause.

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