Rey Louis “Louie” Cura and Chelou (nee Aguilar) celebrated the happiest day of their life on July 12, 2018 as they got married at the Philippine Consulate General in Macau. Louie, 34 years was originally from Antipolo while Chelou, 38 years hails from Lucena City.  Louie was a table attendant at a casino in Macau while Chelou worked as Receptionist/Admin Assistant in Dubai. Through mutual friends, they met and became a couple; eventually they became husband and wife after seven years.

Louie and Chelou had their future life together as husband and wife all mapped out. The plan was Chelou, would undertake two-year Child Care course in Australia ahead of Louie who would be supporting her financially as a student.   Chelou arrived on international student visa in Adelaide in July 2019. Everything went well in terms of her studying and working part-time as a cleaner.

Then their world was shattered when Chelou became sick and was hospitalised.

Louie shared: Chelou was having excessive blood which at first, we thought it’s because of her menstruation period. However, the blood kept flowing until she wasn’t able to urinate and when sent to the Emergency at Women’s and Children Hospital here in Royal Adelaide Hospital they found out that she had Cervical Cancer Stage 3a.  She underwent chemo and treatment at the Lyell Mcewin Hospital and Brachy therapy po dito sa Royal Adelaide Hospital.  She went on remission; but months later, her sickness recurred.  Further examination showed that at that time that she had by then Stage 3c cervical cancer

Louie arrived in Australia in November 20, 2020 to be with Chelou and undertake studies in order for them to stay on an international student visa. He works part-time as Kitchen Hand in an aged care facility.

Aside from Chelou’s sickness, the couple had to raise $10,000 to get a new private health insurance coverage for two years. With the help of generous people responding to the GoFundMe initiative organised by a friend Nesilita Greenwood and people donating directly to Chelou’s bank account, they have just raised this amount for the insurance. However, Chelou’s expensive treatment and medication are not all covered by the insurance.

The couple is earnestly seeking financial assistance to help them see through Chelou’s treatment.

Louie’s plea:

To all our fellow kababayans and other kind hearted people, any amount that you donate will be deeply appreciated to help for the medical treatment of my wife as that there are many expenses that are not covered by the insurance

You can do this through the GoFundMe account .  The amount showing there has been used towards the new private medical insurance.

Or you can please deposit into this bank account:

Chelou Cura
BSB: 065000

Account number: 12541809

Maraming salamat po.

The writer contacted the Royal Adelaide Hospital and got connected to the ward station where Chelou was being treated but was unable to speak with her as there were nurses attending to her at the time. However, at close of business today, May 20, Chelou was discharged from the hospital to continue her medication and treatment at home.

Louie was also interviewed in Radio Tagumpay* to share their story and to appeal for further assistance. This is being aired on May 23, 2022. We hope that the Filipinos' bayanihan spirit will again shine through.

*(Airs on Mondays 2-4pm on Triple H 100.1FM and can be streamed globally.)

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