Thirty-five year old Fil-Aussie singer-songwriter Mary Ann van der Horst has recently won the St Moritz Music Awards in Switzerland for Best International Artist of Original Song.   She is thrilled to win the award with her song Make it Happen which was sponsored by one of her fans from Switzerland, Sherman Adank to be included in the competition.  Adding to her amazement in winning was the fact that that she composed the song a few years ago.

"Make it Happen is a song about uplifting, encouragement and hope. I was inspired to write this song because of many tackles that we are facing. Let’s say about joining competition, you may win or lose, but the real winner are the ones who don’t quit and the ones that keep on pursuing their dreams and goals. There are lyrics from my song - Remind yourself that it’s okay not to be perfect... “every day may not be good, everyday is a second chance."

" I have recorded the song with the help of RMR productions.  I have written the song and performed three years ago. You can watch the video of this song via"

Before this recent award, Mary Ann has previously won many awards. These include 2017 World championships of performing arts in California (Multi medalist and Plaque received); 2016 Coast to Coast Chicago (1st runner up); Australian Songwriting Association in Sydney 2017;  Akademia Music Awards California (Best Electronica Dance & Best Pop) 2017 (Multiple awards), to name a few. 

Mary Ann had performed in successful concerts locally and internationally including USA, Asia and Europe.  She is proud to be currently part of the recording label under Alpha Records and of the same management of AEGIS. During this pandemic when concerts were cancelled, she is glad to be performing online as one of Global Top Artists on Sessions where fans all over the world can watch virtually.

She regards her participation in X Factor Australia 2014 as an amazing and fun stint.  In her on-stage audition, she blew the judges and the audience away with her rendition of Halo by Beyonce.  She did not win the title but 80M have viewed the video of that performance.  The judges and the audience were also enthralled by her candid sharing that she is married to a guy who is six years her junior and that they met on Facebook.  The video has been watched 10M times

She also appeared on some shows like Neighbours and Wentworth; in Coles and other extra works from my Acting Agency. I have performed in several events here like Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and Footy Festival.  I was interviewed by Channel 10 news for being part of Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix as a performer; and my performance was on Channel 31 where I sang original songs with Paolo and Paul."


Mary Ann van der Horst (nee Rodriguez) who is based in Melbourne, hails from Manila, Philippines.  She is the only child of her parents who are both from Bicol.

"I have started my singing when I was 6 years old as my father was bringing me in singing contests in the Philippines and brought me to perform in pubs at a young age. These boosted my confidence and determination to become a singer when I grow up and my singing helped my family financially."

She migrated to Australia in 2012 and became an Australian citizen in 2017.  She has worked in IT, Nursing, and recently studied as a Learning Support Officer (Teacher’s assistant).   She is currently working as a Support Worker, in addition to being a Singer and on Acting/Extras Management in Melbourne.

She is married to Filipino-Argentinean Nathan who was born and raised in Australia. She shares that they enjoy a happy marriage despite Nathan being six years her junior and that they do not have kids.

Her secret to her happiness is her positive outlook:

"Life is too short to waste your time so enjoy every moment of it. Do what makes you happy and you won’t regret it; if you failed at least you tried."

Lastly, her definition of success is:

"Success is the result of working hard, determination and taking risks. Believe that you can make it and don’t hesitate to try what you want most."



"Make It Happen"

Performed and Composed by Mary Ann Van Der Horst



Dream big and dare to fail.

Don't be scared if no one care.

Remind yourself that it's ok not to be perfect.

Every day may not be good, every day is a second chance.

(Just take a chance)

Take a chance, you'll never know what might happen.

(Just try your best)

Just try your best and be yourself and share it to others.

(To be a champ)



Make it happen

Just believe yeah..

And let it happen

You are what you believe yourself to be and make it happen.

Make it happen.



Life's too short to waste your time.

Don't let yourself to be behind.

Don't be scared to walk alone, take the challenge.

Don't give up

What you want most


(Repeat Chorus)



(Just believe) just believe...

(You are what you meant to be)

(Don't be scared) don't be scared…

(And let things happen)

You are what you believe yourself to be and make it happen…


Make it happen...



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