Not even travel restrictions in Australia can stop the country’s handball community from joining an overseas competition and taps its global network, including Australian Handball Ambassador Bevan Calvert to represent the team. 

Calvert, one of the outstanding Fil-Aus athletes of his generation, has been named as part of the Sydney Uni Handball Team to compete in the International Handball Federation (IHF) Super Globe Championships.  

The IHF Men's Super Globe is a handball competition contested between the champion clubs from continental confederations. 

“Unusual times ask for unusual solutions ... so when we were nominated to represent Oceania at the IHF Super Globe, with our whole squad and staff in extended lockdown in Sydney, we put the call out to Australian, New Caledonian and NZ national team players, as well as former Sydney Uni players based overseas,” noted the Sydney Uni Handball group on their Facebook page.

"They may come from many countries, but they all have Sydney Uni and the Oceania region in their heart. And they will play for everyone stuck at home right now, for those who fought to qualify with their clubs, and for those players from Sydney who wanted to travel but would have been denied re-entry into Australia,” it said.

Presently based in Germany, Bevan said he is honoured to be involved in the program. “It's fantastic to be playing with a team from home and representing the Oceania region as well as playing at international level once again.”

Asked if his global aspirations include playing at the Brisbane 2032 Olympics, he replied: “At this time, most likely not, but who knows what the future holds.”

The team will be traveling to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where the competition is scheduled to take place from October 5-9 next month.

For Australian Filpina readers who can speak German or those with German partners/spouse, you can listen to Bevan’s interview by SBS German here.

(Photos by Sascha Klahn)

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