Not many theatrical performers get  to start their theatre journey in a dream production.  But 21 year old Fil-Aus Kara Sims of Melbourne did just that!!!   Kara debuts in the Ensemble of the celebrated Moulin Rouge! The Musical .

The Australian production of Moulin Rouge! The Musical will not only be the first international production of the musical.  However due to the ongoing Broadway shutdown, Melbourne will be the only place in the world the show can be seen when performances begin in August.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical  is Baz  Luhrmann’s hit 2001 film comes to life onstage, remixed in a new musical mash-up extravaganza. It is described as "A theatrical celebration of truth, beauty, freedom, and — above all — love, Moulin Rouge! is more than a musical; it is a state of mind."

The Australian Filipina is glad to acquaint the Fil-Aus and wider communities with our upcoming theatre star. 


Kara’s Filipino heritage comes from her mother who hails from Sultan Kuldarat, Mindanao, in the southern part of the Philippines.  Her father is Australian from Cairns, Queensland.

Kara was born in Melbourne in 2000.  Her sister and brother were both born in the Philippines. She  completed her full-time training as a scholarship student at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance in 2020. Prior to graduating, Kara originated the role of Billie in A Sharp Intake of Breath by Lucy O’Brien (Melbourne Fringe Festival) and the lead role of Max in Suddenly: A Short New Musical (DHB Theatrical), a film being released in 2021.

She was also a semi-finalist in the inaugural AOC Initiative in 2020. The Artists of ColourInitiative (AOC) is a scholarship competition designed to provide financial assistance andindustry support to 6 exceptionally talented Theatre performers, based in Australia that identify as Bla(c)k, Indigenous or People of Colour.

She takes great pride of being Filipino-Australian heritage.


*What do you hold fondly in your heart as your achievements so far?

Ever since I was a young girl have big aspirations of doing something amazing with my life. My parents made a lot of sacrifices and let me have the opportunities. I’ve been amazing support given and so, to be able to do something I am so passionate about as my career, is so special.

*On the flip side, what challenges have you faced and overcome?

To be able to have a career as an artist there is a great deal of challenges involved. My parents would work ridiculous hours. I would hardly see them as a kid just so they could afford for me to do dance classes.

Also for me, at one point in my tertiary education I had a full-time schedule of classes from 9.30am -4.30pm everyday while juggling multiple jobs. It was hard work for me and my family and it makes me even more grateful to be where I am.

* When did you realise that your passion is in acting / performance arts?  which was your first performance in public?

I think it’s always been my love.

My first public performance was when I was 6.  I sang Lea Salonga’s “I Am But a Small Voice”.

*Who are other creatives in your family?   who is the biggest influence in your stage performing journey?

My Tito Sherwin is an international fashion designer from Davao.

My mother always said I reminded her of my Lola. She passed away before I was born but was very musically gifted which I could have inherited.

* If there is anything that you can change of what you have done in the past, what would that be?

Nothing. Everything happens for a reason.

* What else do you wish to achieve in life?

I hope my career continues to grow and with that I would love to use my platform to speak up about social justice issues regarding race, gender and sexuality. It’s 2021 and those are  important issues for everyone.

* Now talking about Moulin Rouge! The Musical.  What was the process of getting into the ensemble?  How many are in the ensemble?

We did multiple auditions in Melbourne and Sydney in singing, dancing and scene work.

There are 15 ensemble, 6 swings, but 34 members in the entire cast.

*What are the aspects you enjoy the most in what you do in Moulin Rouge?  On the flip side, are there challenges?

Aspects I enjoy - everything. The music orchestrations by Justin Levine are amazing and Sonya’s choreography will be an honour to dance every night.

The challenge is staying fit and healthy for the demanding show season.

* If you are given the chance to choose a stage show that you could do, which one would that be and what role would you like to play? 

I’m obsessed with the musical “Mean Girls”. I’d love to play any of the leading ladies in that particular show.

*What are the details of the musical's season or suggest where the readers can avail of information on the dates and times, and venue for the show.

The Previews starts on August 13 at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre. You can find out more at

*Lastly, how do you define "success"?

Feeling fulfilled and happy in life!


The Australian Filipina wishes Kara all the best in her upcoming performances as part of a wonderful production.   Our kababayans in Melbourne are lucky to be the first ones to watch it but we are hopeful that it would also come to Sydney and other major cities in Australia.



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