Beef Mechado

The Filipino popular dish "Beef Mechado" is one of the recipes featured in a digital cookbook which was not only to share delicious recipes but to also fundraise for the Indigenous Literacy foundation. 

Funds raised are used to support The Indigenous Literacy Foundation’s purchase and supply of books and literacy resources to remote Indigenous communities.

This is an initiative by several employees of CGI*, who have contributed their favourite recipes for inclusion in the cookbook.  





Stephanie Calvert who is married to an Australian-Filipino has submitted the recipe for her favourite dish, "Beef Mechado".  In the background information for her choice, Stephanie shared:

"The first time I met my Aus-Filo (Filipino) husband’s family was at a Christening. Apart from feeling very overwhelmed trying to remember the names of over 70 new titos (uncles), titas (aunts) and cousins I had just met, I remember thinking I had never seen this much food on a buffet in my life. It was my first experience of Filo food and I loved it.

"This recipe is one of my personal favourites. It’s a rich beef and vegetable stew slow-cooked in salty soy sauce. Traditionally, the recipe calls for larding the meat by inserting pork fat into the beef (this is actually where the recipe gets its name, as ‘mecha’ means wick in Spanish). If you use a nice fatty piece of beef (fat = flavour) you can skip this step and make it a little bit healthier."

Check out the complete recipe of Beef Mechado by availing of the digital copy and at the same time make a donation to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation in its goal of reaching out to remote Indigenous communities by providing books and other literary resources.  The link to the fundraising is shown below:

Stephanie Calvert is fundraising for Indigenous Literacy Foundation (

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*CGI which was founded in 1976 is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. It is present in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart and Perth.  It employs 76,000 consultants and professionals of various which include people of Filipino heritage.   For more information about the company can be found on its website:  Company overview | CGI Australia


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