The Philippine Embassy in Canberra and the Philippine Department of Tourism-Sydney have launched the #IAmFilAussie social media campaign featuring Filipino-Australians in all the States and Territories of Australia. This project is a partnership between the Philippine Embassy in Canberra and the Philippine Department of Tourism-Sydney, in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Philippines-Australia Diplomatic Relations.

The campaign started last 28 June 2021 with a video featuring Fil-Aussies in Tasmania, followed by a video of Fil-Aussies in New South Wales. The videos featured Fil-Aussies and what they love the most about the two countries they call home.

The Tasmanian Fil-Aussie in one frame video can be viewed here:

The participants featured in the Tasmania Fil-Aussie video are.

Tasmania Fil-Aussie Video

  1. Cathy Ayesa
  2. Alfonso Ayesa
  3. Victor Folloso
  4. Raquel Folloso
  5. Joel Ortiz
  6. Ruby Jackson
  7. Gloria Apolinario
  8. Mina Cucueco
  9. Oscar Cucueco
  10. Juliet Duindam
  11. Kate Duindam
  12. Aida Cruz Groombridge
  13. Baebs Legaspi
  14. Renz Tabangay
  15. Michael Allen Pio Catubay
  16. Marni Amuno
  17. Jo Ann McGregor
  18. Scarlett McGregor
  19. Christa Aquino
  20. Dona Leach
  21. Joseph Mondigo
  22. Lindon Mondigo
  23. Bella Crowder

And for the New South Wales video, the link is:

The participants are as listed below:


New South Wales Fil-Aussie Video

  1. Alexander Dunbar
  2. Kacy Vallencourt
  3. Richard Norman
  4. Stephanie Magno
  5. Angelica Henderson
  6. Joshua Fernandez
  7. Annika Muller
  8. Jaemie Maria dela Pena
  9. Glyssa Perez
  10. Pia Morris

The Philippine Embassy will be releasing more videos in the coming months from the remaining states and territories.

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