As part of the celebration of the Nutrition Month July 2021, Sentro Rizal in Sydney of the Philippine Consulate General in Sydney in cooperation with the Philippine Department of Tourism, brings to the community Lasap Serye - Season 4. 

For this series, it features cuisine known for particular areas of the Philippines. 

Last week, July 2 it featured Utan Bisaya which is a simple and healthy vegetable dish that is popular in the Visayas region.  The recipe was courtesy of the popular Sydney Cebu Lechon.

Tonight's offering, July 9, Creamy Tofu with the recipe courtesy of Filo Station. Tune in at 6pm tonight.

The video and information can be viewed at
Sentro Rizal Sydney -  (5) Sentro Rizal Sydney | Facebook

Philippine Consulate General in Sydney -  (5) Philippine Consulate General in Sydney NSW | Facebook


The Australian Filipina congratulates Sentro Rizal - Philippine Consulate General Sydney on putting online initiatives which are valuable especially these days where Greater Sydney and environs are in lockdown.

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