Make-up is restorative and transformative. If you like what you see when you stand in the mirror, self-motivation and actualization is not far behind.  As an educator, I share this knowledge through technique based learning through workshops that I provide for ladies who would like to learn how to develop their personal skill of applying make-up on themselves to uplift their spirits and empower them to face the challenges of this so-called life.

Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to meet a group of ladies who have the same thrust behind the formation of their organization – women empowerment. They are called Lakas Filipina (strength of Filipino women), a community group set out to work collaboratively with different groups to ensure that women of all ages may have better access to education, health care or have a fair chance at possible economic opportunities and the freedom to express their rights through political participation.

With the current pandemic, Lakas Filipina (LF) headed by the President, Elsa Collado provides support to their members through reach out sessions where they can discuss matters amongst themselves and provide platforms for self-improvement. This is where I come in as the group begins the journey to empowerment from within themselves .. enter make-up workshop.

The workshop is designed to “demystify” the seemingly complicated elements of make-up through discovery and practice of techniques that will allow them to design and apply make-up based on their skin condition and unique facial features because not all make-up looks will fit all faces.

It’s a time to not just discover the possibilities of putting proper make-up while considering your unique personal condition but also, it’s a fun moment with friends where ladies can chat, laugh and experiment on looks that they initially fear or have not have the opportunity to try.

The day’s attendees were LF VP-Internal Connie Ramsey, LF Treasurer, Espie Pogson, , LF Audtior Angelita Smith, LF Secretary Marie Zawadka, Director and Chairman of Scholarship Program of Mapua Alumni Australia, Marissa Manoto and LF President Elsa Collado.

They are mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters and staunch community leaders who share the same aspiration of women empowerment beginning with oneself. According to Elsa Collado, “There are so many things to be done with regards to women empowerment and I would like to start from within ourselves and within Lakas Filipina. Projects are pending due to the pandemic situation, hence, we empower each other by giving support to each other and by spreading good vibes not only within ourselves but to the community.”

Make-up is like a woman's armor - you'll never fit into it until you master your own body. Get to know you and use make-up to make the real you come out of your shell. 

Try it and tell us what you think! 

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