The Fil-Aus community is mourning the loss of one of its favourite and respected broadcasters, Louie Tolentino who passed away on September 30, 2021 at the age of 80 years.

I have been an avid fan of SBS Filipino radio program over the years. Being a radio broadcaster myself, I know the level of professionalism and dedication Louie put in the segments of the program he specialised in - news and current affairs. I also enjoyed the times he rang me to participate in the talk-back regarding topics and issues that are of great interest to the listeners.  To those who may not have listened to him on radio, you'd still hear his voice after the Filipino news at 8:15am on SBS TV Channel 3, announcing where to follow Filipino news broadcasts and program.

In 2019 I joined the PCC-PUP Alumni Association, for graduates of the Philippine College of Commerce High School and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines which are both selective educational entities, referred to as "para sa eskolar ng bayan" as majority of the students come from poor families. Under Louie's leadership, our budding group managed to donate some funds to Grameen Australia for welfare projects in the Philippines and also supported the recent Isang Tinig Isang Lahi, online live aid for kababayans impacted by COVID 19.  I enjoyed the kapi-kapihan we had at Dooleys, with Louie always jovial sharing some jokes.

Thank you Louie for the years of your service as a professional radio broadcaster, the inspiration for our small alumni group to do even small contribution that makes a difference to few people's lives and for the friendship.  Rest in peace.

The Australian Filipina team wishes to extend to Nida, and the whole family its sincerest condolences.

The team is also glad to share the thoughts of a few people who knew Louie and had some connection with him.

Francisco de los Santos 
Vice President & Secretary, PCC-PUP AA

One of the things I truly admire with Louie is his compassion and eagerness to help people who are in need. I remember during our first PCC-PUP Alumni meeting on 17 Nov. 2019 held at Dooley Catholic Club in Lidcombe. As the elected PCC-PUP AA President, his first order of business was a proposal to donate money to a non-profit/charitable organisation operating either in Australia or in the Philippines. He explained that the purpose of the donation is to make Christmas bright for homeless people in Sydney or the impoverished Filipinos living in the slums in City of Manila.

With Louie’s quick prodding and sincere words, his proposal of donating $100 for each alumnus was unanimously approved and made a firm commitment date of January 20 as the payment deadline month. Now, November is just around the corner and I could not help reminiscing this month, almost 2 years when the first ever PCC-PUP Alumni Association in Australia was formed with Louie at the helm until he unexpectedly left us. Goodbye Louie, you will be sorely missed by all of us. May you rest in eternal peace.

Benjie de Ubago 
Editor & Publisher, Filipin-Oz

Being in the media, Louie would phone me to ask about the “behind-the-scenes” in the community and we would have a good chat.

When I found out he had passed away, I “freaked out” as he had just rang me two days prior to his death.  It was out of the blue and he said he wanted to catch up. He also wanted a copy of my recently released book.  It was a long happy chat. He said he was retiring from SBS at the end of the year, He’d been lucky that he had gotten the job when he was close to retirement age –that was almost 15 years ago. And in his own words, he said…”it is time for me to go.” 

To his family and friends, may you find comfort in his memory. I know I’m glad that I had the pleasure of his friendship.

Nonoy Perdon
Editor & Publisher, Bayanihan News

Louie Tolentino was friend to many, especially the friendless and low achiever in the community. He had that admirable ability to help and see someone’s significance in life.

Before he became a radio announcer, he helped a number of youths and newly arrived migrants get employed in his repacking business thus gave them much needed stepping stones for subsequent work experience.

He showed the example of a  selfless Christian helpfulness to the insignificant and people in need of breakthrough in life.

Evelyn Zaragosa
Editor & Publisher, The Philippine Community Herald News

I met Louie and his wife, Nida  in some Filipino occasions and had the chance to dine with them, too.  I found him cheerful, kind and easy to get along with.

In one of our conversations when I mentioned the challenge I was having with The Philippine Community Herald Newspaper, he volunteered to pray over me. I shed tears while he was praying. I treasure  his  beautiful ‘gift’ -  words of encouragement and good wishes in his prayers. 

Thank you Louie for the strength you bestowed on me.  RIP Louie.

With my sincerest sympathy to Nida and family.  God bless!

Annalyn Violata
Producer & Broadcaster, SBS Filipino

I first met Louie in June 2013 when I landed a role with the Filipino program of SBS Radio as a news producer and Louie was the Senior Producer. 

In the almost nine years that I have worked with Louie; from the start I have witnessed the warmth of a person so welcoming and fatherly in his gestures as a colleague. When it's lunch time in the office, he would always say "Aba, uy, kain na tayo. Mahirap magtrabaho ng gutom!" and I would, most of the time, join him at the lunch area to eat and talk about anything. That's why even before meeting his beautiful wife, Nida, I already knew that as a couple, they usually spend weekends either watching a new movie or meeting up with friends. I knew too how they love to travel hearing from him about their domestic or overseas holidays or their cruise trip which they would usually take every December-January during his birthday month, or on Holy Weeks, or in the mid-year.

Many will remember Louie's sense of humour, but personally I will remember him most for his caring personality. Every time I would bring my son to work before, as a first time mum in 2014, Louie would sometimes tend for my son for a few minutes. My son is now 7 years old. All his life he has known Louie as my colleague and that person who asks my son "if he is a boy or a girl" because of my son's long-hair ever since.

I will miss hearing Louie's voice when he does the SBS Filipino news and radio program, but his memory will always be in my heart. Rest now, Louie, may eternal light shine upon you.

To Nida and Louie's beautiful children and family, may you find comfort from the thought that you are not alone on this loss and that many will remember Louie as a good person, friend and colleague, with sense of humour and happy disposition. May your hearts heal in the days to come.

Edinel Magtibay
Producer & Broadcaster, Filipino SBS

I met Sir Louie 2yrs ago. Sya po ang unang nag-interview sa akin during my application sa SBS. 

I was profoundly fortunate to work with him. Madalas ko syang kasama sa office and studio dahil naging back to back yung news segment ko sa program nya. 

Sir Louie breathed ideas, inspired us, and challenged us to live up to our potential. He is the tatay/lolo of the team na laging may joke sa kwentuhan. Madalas syang tumawag sa tech support para magtanong tungkol sa mga functions ng computer at mga software na ginagamit namin sa production kasi nakakalito naman talaga kaya nasa tabi nya lagi ang landline namin. 

I remember nung araw na nakwento nya na meron na syang apo(for the first time).He was so happy and naka-ngiti lang siya the whole day. 

Hindi ko na sya laging nakikita since nagkaroon ng pandemic. He was forced to work from home kasi risky na for him to go to the office. Kahit hindi sya pumapasok, madalas pa rin syang magsend ng jokes sa text and some biblical quotes. 

It's hard to believe that he is not with us anymore. I didn’t have a chance to tell him about the impact he made in my life…

To Sir Louie’s family, we are missing him along with you. I hope you feel surrounded by much love that will give you strength in the days ahead. We are keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers.



In deference to the family's grieving, I decided to share instead the company profile on Louie from SBS Filipino and not pursue an interview.

"Graduate Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Training in Marketing and Sales, Philippines.

Forklift Operations, Sydney Warehousing and Distribution, Sydney.

Prior to joining SBS, Louie hosted a weekly radio program for 12 years for a religious group thru a local community radio.  He considers radio production and broadcasting as his first calling, after marketing which he majored in university back in the Philippines.

Louie arrived in Australia in 1994 and involved himself with various corporations, the last one being the owner/director of a packaging company for 11 years and employing mostly Filipino- Australians.

His desire to communicate ideas and contribute to the development of his country-mates prompts him to continue serving SBS."




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