Filipino avant garde couturier Rocky Gathercole took Sydney by storm last year with his Rock the Runway Australia fashion show held on 1st December, 2018.  The fashion show, which was produced by Marites Novis of MFN Productions, did not only showcase pieces of extraordinary designs but also part of the event's proceeds, including the auction of a number of the dresses, were earmarked to support Destiny Rescue.

Early next month (Sunday, July 7), Sydneysiders are again in for a huge treat to have the joint event Miss World 2019 New South Wales Finals & very RGathercole Collection.  This year, the event is being presented by MFN Productions and LW Phoenix. 

"MFN Productions aspires to combine all facets of fashion, art and philanthropy to  raise money for the children in need, not only of food and/or protection, but also of recognition of budding talent and potential that live within them", Ms Novis said.

The event is also a celebration of Rocky Gathercole's 30 years of glittering reign of the world's fashion design.

The Australian Filipina had the privilege and pleasure of sharing a friendly chat with the designer star of the show, Rocky Gathercole, who took time out of his busy schedule to give his personal insights about the event.

*Sydney has seen amazing collection showed at last year's Rocky Gathercole show.  How different would the collection be for the July 7th event?   

This year’s collection will be different because the whole production is working on a new theme.  Meaning, the collection will be more diverse, fantastical and unique. What’s even better is that this kind of theatrical fashion showcase has never been done before in Australia, so it’s really fulfilling to be able to come up with this kind of exposition and for that I feel extremely grateful to be part of this year’s show.  

*Rocky, you could pick anywhere in the world to celebrate 30 years of your great success in fashion design, why did you choose Sydney to hold this great event?

The Sydney crowd definitely has a different energy. Because of these people, I never felt foreign in this place. Through their support and love for my collection, they make it easy for me to feel like home here.

*What were the aspects of the Sydney fashion show in 2018 do you relish or are fond of? 

What amazes me about Sydney’s culture of fashion is that, they arrive at the show for fashion; but more importantly, they make these fashion shows an avenue to become a strong community of friends, family, and acquaintances. For me, that matters more than anything -fashion, not only being an expression of art and one's self, but also an instrument of unity, love and social empowerment, and as a designer, I couldn’t be happier knowing my collection paves the way to a stronger community, family and social relationship. 

*What message do you aim to impart through the collection you are to showcase on 7th July?

 I want to tell them to never limit your dreams into what you can only see. I encourage you to be imaginative, and be brave. I hope that when they see my collection, they realise that there is more out there and that they should never let fear stop them from exploring who they are and what they really want. 

*You touch countless of people with your inspiring life story of overcoming great obstacles and becoming hugely successful in fashion design. What message about life do you wish to share with them?

Each time I share my story with people, I hope that they realise how powerful passion is. It shielded me from all my doubts and fears. Yes, it almost gotten into me, but my undying passion never let me down. That, and my love and trust for God. As I was heading to a seemingly lost journey, I surrendered everything to Him, and pursued what I want with this strong passion in my heart. 

Miss World 2019 Miss New South Wales Finals and very RGathercole Fashion Designs will be held on July 7 at the rooftop of The Star Sydney which boasts panoramic views over the Sydney Harbour.

For enquiries, contact Marites Novis on 0468 614 429 or by email

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