Israel Smith Photography is raising money for the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick through a unique, limited edition book called ‘Our Family’.

As the official photographer at the hospital – in a voluntary capacity, of course – Israel Smith is calling on all families to donate their time and money to be photographed professionally and have their photo included in what he hopes will be an annual publication.

Our family

Our family

“We are publishing a book of beautiful family photographs and heart-felt words about family. Together with the Sydney public we can help to achieve remarkable outcomes for this and future generations of seriously ill children” says Israel.

Alongside the images of each family (full page or 1/3 page) will feature answers to the question, “What does family mean to you?” making this book a personal and emotive collector’s item.

“My own and my team’s time, is fully donated, as is all studio time and photographer costs” he explains. “What we ask of the public is a registration fee of $125 for a full page inclusion or $50 for a third page inclusion. Our aim is to photograph 250 families of varying description -  100 per cent of registration fees, and proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Sydney Children’s Hospital”

The project is sponsored by Nikon Australia and Epson Australia and the money raised will ensure the ongoing provision of world-class care to the young patients at the hospital.

Be a part of this unique project and register with Israel Smith Photography.

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