Open letter to the guy who almost run over a fabulous person (me) who has mouths to feed (me) and was just crossing the road to buy toilet tissue paper from Woolie's (me).



Almost getting killed because of a Facebook status update has had a profound effect on me. I've decided it's time to write a Pulitzer Prize winning book on the important topic of road rules before I die. As a preamble, before I devote 10 years of my life on this film-in-the-making JRR-Tolkien's-got-nothing-on-me 500-page tome, the three reasons it's perfectly okay to run a red light while on your phone are: 

One, you are the last person on earth.

Two, you are in Ulladulla, in the middle of a cow paddock, the traffic light is really just in your imagination and the nearest road is 100 kilometres away.

Three, you have been abducted by aliens and the road you are on is not Cleveland Street in Sydney but some rock formation in Mars.

Other than that, there are no acceptable reasons not to focus on the wheel when you're on the wheel. That Facebook update can wait.




I concur !!! That's why I don't have Facebook

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