If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the brows keep your attention from going astray. It’s also the “marker” that tells us where the face begins as the lips are there to show us where the face essentially ends. This series bring to focus the hows-of-brows to give everyone a better understanding of tending to the sisters – who are, by the way, not twins.

So, let’s begin with the most important information one has to know – how do you shape your brows?

The first things that we have to establish are:

  • Where does our brow start?
  • Where does our brow end?
  • Where does our brow arch?

image c/o Good Housekeeping

image c/o Good Housekeeping

To find out the answers to these questions, all you need is your long brow pencil. This will be the measuring tool that we will use to answer our questions using the following steps:

image c/o Brow Beauty Collection

STEP 1: hold the brow pencil in a vertical position and put it beside your nose to create a straight line which should pass through the edge of your nose and the tip of your inner eye to determine where your brow should start.

STEP 2: tilt the pencil to align with the top of your iris to find out where to begin the arch or your brow.

STEP 3: with the bottom part of the pencil staying at the edge of your nose, tip it to align with the edge of your outer eye. This will determine where your brow should end.

After marking these three points, you will find how your brow can help you correct or accentuate your features as you create the look that you desire – make an illusion to make your nose slimmer, lift your face or streamline your look. All these you’d need to watch out for on our next issue.

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