Two make-up items that continue to fascinate and sometimes overwhelm women that I encounter in my make-up gigs are concealers and correctors. The usual two questions that I hear are?

               What is the difference between concealers and correctors?

               Why do you need both? Or can you use one or the other?

So for our readers today, please allow me to try and shed some light on these two products.

Both products contribute to a make-up technique called camouflage. This technique evens out skin tones and creates a visual illusion that blemishes disappear creating a flawless finish.

So what’s the difference?

CORRECTORS cancels out skin discoloration by using primary colours that counteracts the skin aberration – green cancels out red, orange cancels out blue and purple cancels out yellow. The consistency is more liquid and is the first make-up product that touches the skin (after moisturizer and primer).



CONCEALERS have a thicker consistency and is applied on top of foundation if blemishes and marks can still be seen even with the correctors on. For camouflage, concealers should match the foundation colour. Concealers are better applied with your fingers or with specialized brushes for precision dabbing.


So which should you use?

The first level will always be the corrector – applied first and absorbed by the skin before foundation to create a more normal finish. If blemishes are still visible, you can use the concealer to manage how light hits the skin and evens out the skin tone.

What other uses can the corrector and concealer give you?

Some correctors double-up as primers depending on formulation. So it corrects the skin tone and primes the skin for the next make-up layer.  Concealers on the other hand can be used as highlighters. You can choose a concealer two levels up your actual colour. Applied to the high parts of your face (middle of forehead, nose bridge and cheek bones) highlights the face. Applied to the skin below your eyes brightens up the eyes. Applied to your chin gives the illusion of a more defined chin.


Just remember to always consider your skin’s undertone, your lifestyle and the climate before you choose your products.


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