Have you gone to your dermatologist yet? If you have and have found out that you are having that winter dry scalp going on, here are some tips that can help you revitalise your scalp the natural way:

  1. Lessen your scalp’s exposure to hot water. Extreme temperatures cause our natural oils to dry up. With the dry winter temperatures our skin is already exposed to the dryness that makes it dry-up and crack so applying hot water to especially the scalp strips the remaining moisture that keeps the scalp healthy. Use lukewarm water instead and for a shorter period of time.



  1. Use a mild shampoo. More chemical elements on your shampoo guarantees its stripping action of all bacteria, dirt, and other foreign objects stuck to your scalp. But, if you use these harsh chemicals when your scalp just needs a little more moisture to keep it from flaking, then it would definitely be an overkill.


  1. Moisturize your scalp. As soon as we see our skin drying up and flaking, we go for the nearest bottle of lotion or skin moisturizer to rehydrate it. It is also necessary to do that for our scalp. Here are some natural products that you can use to hydrate your scalp and keep it healthy: ctto
    - tea tree oil

                  - aside from moisturising and soothing the scalp, it’s natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties keeps the scalp healthy preventing any itchiness and the further development of dandruff caused by dermatitis.

           - neem oil

                    - like the tea tree oil, its natural properties provides relief to irritated scalp. Mixed with a carrier oil, it can also help with hair regrowth

           - aloe vera

                    - aloe vera is known for its natural healing abilities plus the circular motion of applying the sap on your scalp directly from the plant helps in blood circulation

           - coconut oil

                    - so who doesn’t know about coconut oil? Aside from it natural healing and anti-bacterial properties, it leaves your hair shiny and fragrant.

           - apple cider vinegar

                     - this natural toner brings back the natural ph balance to your scalp allowing it to do its natural processes including keeping the surface hydrated and healthy

  1. Regularly massage your scalp. Press the balls of your fingers on your scalp and move in a circular motion. This does not only dislodge the dry skin but it also improves the circulation of blood vessels on your scalp activating its natural process of producing sebum that keeps it hydrated and healthy.


  1. Brush your hair often. This clears out the build-up of dead skin cells and helps distribute the sebum and natural hair ols to keep the hair shiny. Using a natural boar bristle brush is known to help the scalp’s circulation and keeps the hair clean and shiny.

cttoSo prevent the wrong kind of snowflakes from falling on your shoulder this winter. Have fun and keep healthy. Do you know more natural products that we can use? Write to us and we’ll feature your suggestions.


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