Need inspiration on what kind of Filipiniana to wear for upcoming Independence Day Celebrations, here are seven ideas that might just catch your fancy. 

Save the date, the race to see who gets to wear the most beautiful, most extravagant and most jaw-dropping Filipiniana has begun, thanks to upcoming June celebrations of Philippine Independence Day (June 12) around Australia.

For men, it's an opportunity to show off their barongs (traditional Filipino men's wear). For women, it's a showcase of the old and the new - body-hugging Filipiniana gowns, diamante-embossed 'alampay' and 'bolero', and traditional 'kimona' made of pineapple or jusi fabric.

For those who live in Sydney, there are two major Independence Day events: the Philippine National Day Ball on June 7 and the Freedom Ball on June 8.

If you're looking for inspiration, the internet is awash with 'Filipiniana' links from top fashionistas to off-the-rack items online. The Australian Filipina stumbles upon one thread that has shared seven ideas to get you started. Here they are:


 Angel is in the detail

Angel is in the detail

Idea No. 1 The angel is in the detail - Stick with the classic Butterfly style Filipiniana but go all out on the detailing. Like this beautiful and intricate Filipiniana with a row of pearl buttons. (Note: ignore the dress on the side. Like we said, we trawled through the internet and the one on the right is an unrelated dress! Go figure!)


Idea No. 2 Wear a Barong - Classy, flawless and no need to stress about tripping over your own outfit. This classic Barong with a feminine twist gives you more chances of standing out.

Sexy without showing skin

Idea No. 3 Less skin, more sexiness - None of these ladies are showing legs or cleavage but they still have enough of the hotness factor to melt the Antartic. Comfortable, contemporary, cool.

Fashion show 2011

Idea No. 4 Take a page off fashion designers - Okay, so we did say you don't have to trawl the web, but as you can see from this one image of a Metro Fashion Filipiniana show, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Get clicking.

Wear pants with your barong

Idea No. 5 - Take a risk There's the safe bet and then there's the dangerous option: Find the rulebook on what to wear at an Independence Day ball and rip it to shreds. Who knew skin-tone work shoes paired with black tights and a modern barong would look this stunning? We dare you.

Valentino and Filipiniana

Idea No. 6 Got credit? Go Valentino. Only for the brave, bold and loaded. Check out this Valentino campaign with outfits that look remarkably familiar.

Lady Gaga in a kimona

(Images sourced from

Idea No. 7 Wear something ridiculously out-of-this-world. Not for everybody but if Lady Gaga thinks avant garde means wearing something Filipiniana-esque, then you're in good company. Warning: don't wear the outfit if you're catching the train.

Now you're ready. Start marking your calendars and check the dates of the various flagraising events and celebrations below (Source: Philippine Consulate of NSW).

1 June (Sunday) 

Flag-raising Ceremony and Program, Filipiniana Friends Bathurst and Central West Group

7 June (Saturday) 

6.30pm Philippine National Day Ball, Philippine Community Council, Grand Pavilion, Rosehill Gardens Event Centre

8 June (Sunday) 

Flag Ceremony and Program with the Filipino Community in Tamworth (c/o Fr. Vic Ignacio)
Flag Ceremony and Program, Filipino Independence Association, Wagga Wagga
11am Freedom Ball, Alliance of Philippine Community Organizations (APCO), Conca de Oro Ballroom, Riverwood

9 June (Monday)

9am 2014 PAL Kalayaan Cup, Fil Oz Social Golf Club, Macquarie Links International Golf Club

14 June (Saturday) 

8.30am Flag Ceremony and Program, Australia-Philippines Services League (APSL), Bowman Hall, Blacktown City

15 June (Sunday)

8.30am Flag Ceremony, Philippine Consulate General, Sydney

21 June (Saturday)

9am Flag-raising Ceremony and Program, Philippine Language and Cultural Association of Australia (PLCAA) and Penrith City Council

10am Flag-raising Ceremony and Program, Campbelltown Region Filipino Community Council (CRFCC) and Campbelltown City Council


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