The last instalment of the Indigenous Fashion Friday, show #4 is on offer from the Sentro Rizal Sydney - Philippine Consulate General tonight, October 30, 2020 at 6pm.  This event is part of the celebration of the National Indigenous Peoples Month.

Indigenous Fashion Friday #4 features fabric of the Yakan tribe in southwestern Mindanao island, an ethnic group known for their fine and brightly woven tapestries. The typical Yakan design is the diamond pattern which is the tribe's distinctive motif. Yakan women traditionally made textiles that they used for their cultural dress known as the Semmek. Yakan weaving uses bright, bold and often contrasting colours in big symmetrical patterns. The inspiration for designs comes from island living and Islamic sacred geometry.

The other fabric is T’nalak which is a traditional cloth made of Abaca fiber through a process called kedungon. It can be found in Mindanao island made by a group of people in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato called T’bolis.  Traditionally it is made by women of royal blood. Traditionally, it has three distinctive colors, white for the pattern, red for relief elements and black for the background. T’nalak both served as literature and arts. 

In line with the popular attribute of the Indigenous Fashion Friday is that the traditional attire of the indigenous tribes are showcased by consular officials and staff members.  Show #4 showcases attires worn by Tourism Attache Norjamin De los Reyes and Consul Melanie Diano.


The fashion show can be viewed on the Facebook pages of Sentro Rizal Sydney and the Philippine Consulate General in Sydney:


Photos and information obtained from the Philippine Consulate General Sydney.]

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