The Filipino-Australian community once again is in for a treat with Sentro Rizal Sydney - Philippine Consulate General offering Indigenous Fashion Friday #3 at 6pm on October 23, 2020.   This event is part of the celebration of the National Indigenous Peoples Month.

Indigenous Fashion Friday #3 features "Inaul" which is a traditional woven cloth of Maguindanaoan from the southern part of the Philippines, with 'Inaul" being the Maguindanao word for woven. The Inaul cloth is usually made into malong and wrap-around skirts commonly used by both men and women.

Each design of Inaul is unique as it woven by the Maguindanaoan women with the use of their art of imagination and passion.  Weavers use cotton and rayon silk thread. Special Inaul is made using imported thread and can be used for formal clothing, such as gowns and jackets.

A popular feature of the Indigenous Fashion Friday is that the different types of fabric woven by indigenous tribes are showcased by consular officials and staff members.  This Friday, the Inaul skirt will be worn by Consul Melanie Diano while the other Minadanoan cloth will be shown by Administrative Officer Modesta Villalobos and Finance Officer Veronidia Morales.

The fashion show can be viewed on the Facebook pages of Sentro Rizal Sydney and the Philippine Consulate General in Sydney:


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