As part of The Australian Filipina’s offerings for the celebration of the International Women’s Month, we are glad to highlight one of the Ausmumpreneur awardees last year, as co-author of a book aimed at further empowering women and any readers.   The book, titled Courage and Confidence involving twenty-four women’s inspiring messages is being launched in time for this important event in the calendar.

This is none other than Dr Vanessa Atienza-Hipolito of Women’s and Breast Imaging in Cottesloe, Western Australia who is part of the collaboration sharing advice and inspiring women to overcome their fears and follow their calling!

This book is the essential guide for women who are serious about creating the business they’ve been dreaming of and know that they have the ambition and determination to get there.

Combining the inspirational stories and expert business advice of 24 women business leaders this book shares the life-changing power of what can happen when you learn how to embrace your courage and confidence.

Having the confidence to take action as an entrepreneur is one of the most important qualities you need to succeed in business as Dr Vanessa explains,

Co-author Peace Mitchell of The Women’s Business School says,
Believing in yourself is an incredible force of power that starts with you. Whether you want to change the world, invent an incredible product, take on the big brands, inspire people, take your business global, start a movement or dream bigger in any way, it’s time to embrace your courage and confidence and follow that calling!

It can be challenging to be a successful businesswoman and Dr Vanessa gives this advice to others thinking about starting their enterprise.

It can be challenging to be a mum with 2 young kids, a husband, a specialist doctor and a business owner of an imaging centre.  I love my family and I am very passionate about my work. Mums are great at multitasking trying our best to juggle family life, house chores, errands, kids’ school pick up and drop off, kids' extracurricular activities while working full-time.

For example, we all know that there are a lot of Pinays working in the medical field, like doctors, nurses and in allied health. In this pandemic situation, a lot of us are suffering from COVID fatigue and burnout. We are sometimes overworked and overwhelmed and tend to forget about looking after ourselves.  I would love to help people find JOY and happiness even in these tough times.

My chapter is on SELF CARE AND SELF COMPASSION. I shared how I applied SELF LOVE  at home, in my business, in my extra-curricular activities and other aspects of my daily life. I practice self-awareness so that when I know if I am burned out, I know I can always say NO to things that are not important in that moment. I set personal boundaries. I make time for ME-time to reset and recalibrate.

‘Courage and Confidence’ launches nationally on 7 March 2022 with a 5-day online festival featuring interviews and presentations from each of the 24 authors. For more information about ‘Courage and Confidence’ and the launch, week celebrations visit

Vanessa will also be presenting a session on Breast Imaging: The importance of regular breast check and early breast cancer detection on Friday 11th of March 2022 at 11 am AEST.  Here is the link to this event 

She will also be a guest speaker on the Courage and Confidence author panel on Friday 11th of March 2022 at 1 pm AEST. You can join in the event through this link

Coming soon, Courage and Confidence will be available in Amazon and Audible soon. If you would like an update, you can follow Vanessa on her social media pages:

For more details about the book and how to avail of it through Vanessa, check it out  here:


We are also proud to highlight that another Fil-Aus mumpreneur, Mafae Yuson-Belasco is a co-author of the book.  Information on Mafae will be featured in the next issue of The Australian Filipina.


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