One of the sacrifices and challenges that migrants endure is the separation from their parents as they settle here in their new home.  Presently, the Immigration policy does not allow the parents of Australians and those with Permanent Residency status to travel into Australia for a visit because they are not classed as ‘immediate family'. 

There are also a very rigid exemption criteria which require providing "compelling reason" which is almost impossible to attain in order for the travel ban to be waived.  As such their children and grandchildren are deprived of the chance to spend some memorable moments together before it is too late. 

The feeling of loneliness and longing for time with their parents also could give rise to , anxiety and mental health issues which could result on poor performance at work and studies. There are also anecdotes about people leaving Australia after many years of living here as they cannot cope with not seeing nor having some time with their ageing parents.

We have a chance to lobby for the current policy to be changed by signing the e-petition currently before the Australian Parliament.  This is Petition EN2535 - Exemption for parents of Australians and Permanent Residents.  The e-petition which closes on 19 May 2021 can be accessed through this link:
e-petitions – Parliament of Australia (

Our participation can help ensure the success of the e-petition to cause a policy change.  This can be our contribution for the continuance of a happy, caring and productive community.

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