Sydney-based designer Leonardo Salinas combines new world glamour and old world decadence in his solo show next week titled 'Concept Woman'.

Sydney-based designer Leonardo Salinas is only a week away from unveiling his latest collection titled 'Concept Woman' in Sydney to kickstart the beginning of Australian Fashion Week 2015. 

The runway event, which aims to relaunch the LEONARDO SALINAS brand, will be held on Sunday 12th April at Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh.

Salinas has previously showcased his collection in a group show at the 2008 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and a solo show in his home country, the Philippines, in 2009.

However, his latest collection marks his first ever solo Australian show. 

Following his passion for haute couture designs, his supporters can expect both high-end evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

"Every piece in the collection embraces traditional elements, femininity and old world decadence," he said in a press statement.

There is a story behind the show and behind the title.

“I chose the title ‘Concept Woman’ because I want this to be a celebration and tribute to women."

He said the collection will incorporate classical silhouettes, custom pieces and celebrations of female allure. It will showcase the return of quality dressing that empowers the wearer, rather than the viewer. 

More than 450 guests are expected to attend and will include Salinas’ clients, fashion bloggers, industry representatives, local media, photographers and local buyers. 

Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Chadwick Models and Socraft Textiles are among the show's supporters.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Felix Kwan Photography and Make-up by Margarett de Guzman. 

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