It’s Valentine’s Day and while you go out preparing for your date ensemble which is for some reason .. let me guess … red, here are some ideas you can use to prevent yourself from looking like a Christmas ornament or Carrie in her prom dress. 

Yes, red is like the traditional colour that depicts passion and love, there are certain updated tips that modernizes that look based on what we call ... tadaaaa… fashion.  

  1. WORK WITH DEEPER TONES … look for burgundy, wine or maroon. This does not only provide a more posh look but it makes you stand-out from the see of usual red. Make sure that you only highlight one aspect of your body – your shoulders, your curve, your cleavage or your legs… leave some for the imagination to work its wonders.


  1. USE IT TO ACCENTUATE… streamline and use red to break the colour to accentuate a slim waistline with a belt, red lipstick to focus on your pout, red nails to highlight your moisturized hands or red strappy shoes to feature your perfectly pedicured toes … For this to be effective, everything else should be canvassed in one color ..


  1. MAKE IT REMOVABLE as you can see, it doesn’t always have to be your dress, it could be items that you can put on and remove at the latter part of the evening – like a red coat to initially cover the pretty dress you have on, a thin red scarf over your plunging neckline, or a pretty bow that you can take off to reveal your sexy curls…this also provides for something enticing for your partner to get ready for as the evening progresses…


A splash of red can actually make a very interesting fashion piece in this season of love. All you have to do is know your skin tone, the counter colours that make it pop (like gray, black, white and camel) and a strategy that will ignite more passion in your love life this Valentine’s day… if nothing suits, wear black and keep the red something that Victoria Secret can help you with . wink wink!

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