National public health information and advice service, Healthdirect is releasing translated information and advice about managing COVID-19 symptoms into 15 languages to help culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Australia access essential support.

On its website, mobile app and through its helpline, healthdirect provides trusted information and advice for everyone on behalf of the governments of Australia. The advice is verified, evidence-based and up to date.

The translated pages will help make important COVID-19 information accessible and easily digestible to an even wider audience.

The essential information supports people understand how they can prevent the spread of the virus, manage COVID-19 symptoms and when they might need to seek medical help. The translated languages now available include:

·       Arabic

·       Bengali

·       Simplified Chinese

·       Traditional Chinese

·       Filipino

·       Greek

·       Hindi

·       Italian


·       Khmer

·       Korean

·       Punjabi

·       Serbian

·       Spanish

·       Turkish

·       Vietnamese


Most people who are COVID-19 positive have mild symptoms and can recover safely at home, particularly those who are up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines. Simple advice is available in multiple languages about monitoring symptoms, treating symptoms, medication, caring for someone else, as well as recovering from the virus and getting back to normal activities.

Healthdirect Australia Chief Medical Officer, Dr Nirvana Luckraj said:

“With COVID-19 still prevalent in our communities, it is important for essential health advice to be accessible to everyone. Access to health information in your own language on what to do to help prevent the spread of the virus is critically important as the virus continues to evolve. This includes advice on wearing masks, physical distancing and hand washing.

"These behaviours will also help to prevent the spread of the flu this winter and keep families, workplaces and communities healthy. Across all languages, the message is the same - prevention and choosing safe behaviours are key in the fight against the virus,” Dr Luckraj said.

The translated languages support the existing in-language help available for free by calling the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080, where callers can speak to an interpreter in their language about COVID-19 symptoms, vaccines, boosters, restrictions or isolation.

“While we are in this pandemic, we still recommend for everyone to continue to follow their regular vaccination schedule, in addition to the COVID-19 vaccination program, such as the seasonal influenza vaccine, to continue to protect themselves against other vaccine-preventable diseases,” Dr Luckraj added.

The translated pages can be found here: COVID clarity | Find answers to your COVID questions | healthdirect

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