Watch the upcoming championship games of Lakas Filipinas’ online competition “Is It Fact or Fib?” on November 21 (Sunday)  featuring the top 2 contenders - the Filipino Australian Engineers Association (FAEA) and the Filipino and Friends Parish Community Association (FFPCA). The 2 finalists bested 6 other community groups who were participated this year to in this exciting battle of wits.

The Semi-final competition which happened last November 14 was hosted by TTAA’s Judy Jamolanque and showcased 2 games – Game one was between SNACM and FFPCA; Game two was between FAMCA and FAEA. FFPCA’s 1,400 points lorded over SNACM’s 400 points while FAEA’s 1,400 points sent FAMCA’s 200 points hoping for a spot next year.

This exciting competition can be viewed live on the Lakas Filipina FB Page at 2:00 pm on the 21st. Make sure you’re ready to root for your favourite group! Team 1, FAEA is composed of the following members – Mayumi Fernando Bartolome, Jess Arranz and Perlita Arranz. Team 2 on the other hand is composed of Jaqueline Lachica-Luis, Doritz Santos and Marissa Manoto.

So who do you think will emerge as the first Champion? Message us here and tell us what you think! :) 

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