In response to the outpouring of support to Filipinos after typhoon Haiyan, a global citizens campaign has started this week, hashtagged #PHthankyou.

Thank you from the Philippines

Thank you from the Philippines


Using Twitter, Facebook and the social app, Thunderclap, Filipinos around the world are encouraged to leave a message online thanking their friends, officemates, acquaintances and others who gave aid during the typhoon.

The gratitude extends particularly to the Australian government and citizens, because the country was not only the first to give aid, they were also among the top countries, by size of donation (around $37 million).

Commemorating exactly three months on since the storm, the Australian Filipina wants to say #PHThankYou to Australia for all the support! 


Australia was one of the top country, by size of donation, when the typhoon struck (around $37 million)

Australia was among the first to set up make-shift medical tents in Tacloban, provided transport for citizen evacuation, but also provided medicine and other emergency relief to far-flung towns in Visayas.

More than 11 million Filipinos were affected by the typhoon.

The rebuilding cost could be as high as AUS$9 billion over four years.

Daghang Salamat, Australia.


Listen to Jim Paredes' video, "Thank You, World" 

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