Norwest resident Fil-Aussie Bettina Johnson-Green and her Aussie husband David Green have been bringing cheers to so many over the years.  They have been meticulously been putting an amazing miniature Christmas Village in the last sixteen years.  The magnificent display shows a spectacle of the various areas of the village during the Christmas period in a western place.  It includes life-like scenarios of houses, church, lots of snow, kids playing out, trains running around the tracks, planes and cars, etc.

The display was featured in a news article shown on TV Channel 9 News.  The Nine News Reporter, Natalia Cooper did a brief interview of Bettina and David, and showed the viewers the details meticulously put together by Bettina and David.  To view the news item, access through this link:
Couple spreads Christmas cheer with spectacular creation | 9 News Australia - YouTube

The Australian Filipina is glad to share a brief Q&A with Bettina to get an insight in their passion of sharing cheers through their wonderful Christmas Village display.

What inspired David and you to start this initiative?

We just love Christmas and spreading joy

When did it start?

Early 2000s (around 2004?)

From where are the various installations in the village?  

Bought at different Christmas shops/Myer/online etc

What do you enjoy most from this undertaking?

The creative part where your imagination has no limit. “Building” different stories and truly making the village come to life. Also - The joy it brings people.

On the flip side, what are the challenges or difficulties encountered?

Because there are mechanical and moving parts, there are things that stop working/break down etc. Also, because you are restricted to a certain area, sometimes you have to re-do things so that they “fit better”.

The “snow” has to be replenished every couple of days and that is time consuming - it takes about 2 hours...

How long did it take to complete this year's display?

Just over two months from the end of September. We revealed it on Dec 1.

 How long would it take you to dismantle and put away?

Probably a few hours a day over about 2 weeks. Each “house” has to go into the correct box with the correct transformer. The “people”, “trees” “lights” etc have to go into the right packaging - so they are protected from breaking.

Then we have to demolish the plaster of paris and dispose of it. Followed by the removal & disposal of the chicken wire and paper that the plaster of paris goes on. Finally we try to take apart the tables that were built underneath it, and try to save whatever wood we can, but some of it has too many holes or are too damaged so are just disposed of.

Best Christmas Lights Display Award

The Christmas Village is on display in the Music Room at the ground floor of the block of  units where Bettina and David live.  Viewing is by booking only through the couple.

In addition to the Christmas Village, Bettina and David have a spectacular Christmas lights display visible at ground level and from afar, from the large balcony of their unit.  They were surprised to receive the Norwest Best Christmas Light Display award.


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