Fideliz Cruz who has recently won a Gold Medal - People's Choice for Business Life Coach in the 2021 Ausmumpreneur Awards struck gold again with her maiden book "Your Divine Assignment".  Within the twenty four hours of the book's release in Amazon Kindle, it was top seller in three categories: Business Teams, Christian Stewardship and Business Mentoring & Coaching.

This is of course no surprise as Fideliz would have written that book underpinned by her deep Faith and  vast experience as a Certified Life Coach by The Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and runs her live in-person Vision Casting Workshops, which aims to help women create their Personal Life Vision and kick-start their journey towards their dreams.

She now also runs her Abundance Masterclass, helping people break through money mindsets and learn more about creating their very own unique path to financial freedom. She is co-founder for both ARISE Business Network Community and Kingdom Women Entrepreneur Community. She also co-owns her online business "Wild Lily Resources" which is an online platform, offering Christian resources.

 The Australian Filipina caught up with Fideliz to talk about the book "Your Divine Assignment and and we gladly share her responses to a few questions.

 *What inspired you to write the book?

Over the years in my career of Life Coaching & Business Mentorship the question of “What is my calling in life?” And “What am I called to do this in this world?” has been a very common question. And even more so now, as we face uncertainties and challenges in this world, I believe there are so many individuals who are so hungry to really discover what it is that they have been called to do in this world. It’s this sense of fulfilment and clarity that they are looking for. And so this was my inspiration for this book.

In particular I have been drawn to write this book for my fellow Faith-filled Entrepreneur. Christian Women who perhaps have been dreaming of launching their business and those who have been in business for years. They are my inspiration - and thinking back now, this is the book I wish I had in those early years when I was building my business too!

It has always been so important to me that I practiced and live out my faith in all aspects of my life including my business and for a long time I was searching for a book that incorporated faith and business at the same time. A book that talks about The Kingdom of God - filled with Biblical Principles with tips and insights on business, stewardship and leadership too - and here she is my book “Your Divine Assignment”

*What do you wish to achieve through the book?

Through this book I hope to inspire as many people as I can and remind them that they are part of a bigger picture. That they have a unique and specific calling over their life and that no one else in this world could ever take that away. The work that they do in this world matters and is significant to God.

These days there are so many people looking for answers and naturally we start to look inwards and try to discover our selves. And this is great to begin with, however I encourage the reader to look even deeper and go back to their Creator. Because who best knows the creation? Our Creator!

The Scriptures teaches us that our identity is hidden in Christ (Colossians 3:1-4). This means that it is actually in the KNOWING God that we start to discover ourselves. Apart from giving business insights and practical tips in this book, my goal for this book is to point the reader to God so that they will start a personal relationship with Him.

*Is there a specific target audience for the book, or can it be for anyone?

 This book is for Christian Women in Business and has been divided into 5 parts with Journal Prompts after each chapter to help the reader get the most out of the book.

In the book I share on the topics of discovering your divine assignment, business, leadership, stewardship and faith. I believe this book is for every single women who want to discover their calling and can be read by any women who want to infuse their faith in every aspect of their life.

 *What part did you enjoy the most in having authored the book?

 The whole process in putting this book together has been amazing! There are actually so many things that I enjoyed along the way - Knowing that I have a community that is cheering me on as I put this book together kept me going and really encouraged me throughout the journey. I loved that it was a team effort and that everyone was with me on this ride.

On the day of the book launch, we were able to hit the status of “Best Seller” within 24 hours and in 3 Categories! And when I saw this I was jumping up and down with joy and excitement! Because to me, this really was a testament to the amazing team and community that God has blessed me with. It was our win together.

 *If you could change something you did in the writing and releasing of the book, what would they be?

 Only 1 thing I would change:

I should have ordered more cookies! My plan was to gift cute little “Your Divine Assignment” Cookies with the paperback books that have been pre-ordered. But because I did not expect the amount of pre-orders and sales that I was going to get, I ran out! So it was only the first 30 pre-ordered books that got those cute cookies!

Other than that, I have been so blessed with the process of this book. I really have prayed for this and truly God is so faithful, there really is not much I would change.

 *Please share a short segment from the book.

 Here’s a little snippet from page 184:

 “I love this quote by Pablo Picasso: “The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away”

So give it away now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not after you graduate, not after you lose 20 pounds, not after you retire. Do it now because your story could be just that thing that someone needs to hear at exactly that right time. It could just be the inspiration they need.

We serve a big God who is limitless. He has instilled unlimited resources within us, given us all of the things that we need to be able to do what He has called us to do. You are limitless.”

 *What advice would you give people who wish to write and publish a book but may be hesitating to do?

 You have a powerful story to share with this world! There is someone out there who is needing what you have and perhaps they have been praying for and looking for this very book that you have been putting aside.

 Pray and ask God to lead you on this book writing journey. Ask Him to connect you with people that will champion you during this season of writing and publishing the book and then start! Start writing and step up in faith! God will guide your steps.

 *Where and how can people avail a copy of the book?

 “Your Divine Assignment” is now available worldwide via Amazon Kindle - and soon will be available as print on demand. However within Australia, you can get a hold of a signed copy of my book by simply emailing

 *Any other comments you wish to make which may not be covered by the above questions?

 Thank you so much The Australian Filipina for featuring me. I am grateful to be able to share my journey as an Author and the vision and mission of my book. I am so humbled that in this way I am able to serve my fellow Australian Filipinas - I pray that this would inspire and encourage every reader to continue to pursue this very personal discovery of their Divine Assignment. Love, Coach Fideliz

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Fideliz (nee Cruz Antonio) is of Filipino heritage, with her parents Elizabeth and Teodulo Antonio hailing from Marikina in the Greater Manila Area. She is the eldest of their three children. Her husband Erik Cruz who she met here in Australia is originally from Quezon City, the Philippines' capital city and is a network engineer.

They are blessed with one child, Mia who is 11 years old.  Fideliz shares that Mia loves to bake and one day would like to have her own bakery business offering non-dairy and no nuts treats for those who have dairy and nut allergies.

The Australian Filipina congratulates Fideliz on the success of her book "Your Divine Assignment" and all her other achievements which reflect well on the Filipino-Australian community.

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