The year 2022 has a fantastic start on two counts for prolific songwriter and artist, Elysa V.  She has completed her three-year degree of Bachelor of Music and has recently released an EP titled Soulful. The EP was a requirement for her final assessment for the subject Applied Professional Music Contexts.

Soulful has four songs which Elysa composed the lyrics and music, recorded, mastered and released by her: I Just Can’t Let You Go, More than I Do, I Should Have Known, and Slowly Questioning Myself.

The Australian Filipina is glad to share below the information Elysa shared about the EP and her plans for the year.  

What are the songs about?

I Just Can’t Let You Go - 

This song is truly inspired by the second song on my EP “More Than I Do”. The song being about refusing to lose a loved one and the hardships of watching their final breath is what the song is about. Capturing all the memories you spent with them and not being ready for them to leave you with just memories. In this case, even with the idea of losing a loved one in this pandemic is what makes this song even more “soulful”.

More Than I Do -

This song is about my Mum’s life story. With her losing her husband (my biological father) to leukaemia, building trust in God with her life and continuously holding onto Hope with finding happiness and eventually receiving another gift from God (my Dad now). During the time in hospital, he promised my Mum that he (his spirit) would find her someone who will love her more than he does.

As the line in the song says “I will find you someone who will love you, more than I do”. This song is dedicated to anyone who has lost a loved one. Who is able to trust God and find happiness again and trusting that God has a purpose no matter what circumstance you may face. He has a plan. Furthermore, our loved ones in heaven really do look out for us as our guardian angels. 

I Should Have Known - 

This song is basically about being young and gullible when it comes to love. That realising love is not what hurts us, it is loving the wrong person. Although, we all go through it and we all grow through it and as long as we learn something in that heart break, then really it is not a mistake. 

Slowly Questioning Myself - 

Last but not least, this song is about losing yourself and losing self worth in a heart break. The idea of going back to someone who has constantly hurt you is not a great idea. That losing your value for someone really is not worth it. That heartache can really cause damage mentally. 

*How long did it take from the EP’s start to release?

To be honest, I was more hard on myself when releasing this EP since it was very personal and ballad. “I Just Can’t Let You Go” was written and produced in 3 months. More Than I Do was written beginning of 2020. “I Should Have Known” was also written in 2020 and I wrote “Slowly Questioning Myself” in 2019, but was only able to finish it in end of 2021. 

*What do you hope the EP will achieve?

 I hope that each song will touch people who can relate to it. That they realise that they are not alone in these type of situations. That it is okay to feel what you feel. And as cliche as it sounds, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.

*How can your fans avail of a copy of the EP?

My supporters can access my EP on all digital platforms worldwide such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and many more. They can also access it on YouTube @Elysa V. 

*Lastly, what do you aim to achieve in 2022?

 This year I aim to write, produce and release more music. I aim to touch more people through my music and also entertain them through the fun and upbeat ones I will be releasing soon. 

I would love to see how far I go this year with my music and how consistent I can be even through this pandemic. Furthermore, I would love to explore more genres and be more open to more sounds. I think this year is more about exploring my craft more, because I believe there is always room for improvement. 


Elysa Villareal, known in the music world as Elysa V is a Singer/ Songwriter/ Rapper. The twenty-three-year-old from Sydney’s western area has recently completed a three year-year Bachelor of Music.  She is also an Influencer with Instagram Followers of 81.8k.  Her stint on the XFactor UK in 2017 has given her an opportunity to live in the Philippines and guested on well-known TV Networks and Radio Stations.  She also released her first ever Original Tagalog song Ayoko na sa Iyo with a well-known record label, Ivory Music.

Elysa’s gift of music is shared widely as she continues to work and collaborate with artists and music producers globally too.

The Australian Filipina congratulates Elysa V and wishes her more success in what she sets out to do.


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