Source: B Adventures on YouTube

Source: B Adventures on YouTube

This year experience gifts like concert tickets and holiday cruises are out the window, so how else can you make Father’s Day memorable for your dad if he’s Pinoy? Here’s our top ideas that’s guaranteed to make you his favourite (especially if you’re an only child).

  • Do give him cash – this needs no explanation. The best gift you can give your dad is time, and time not working for cash is a gift that he’ll always appreciate. If you can’t go to the nearest ATM due to COVID-19, bank transfer will work just fine. He also likes giving away cash so this works for you both!

  • Do pay for his car insurance – your dad loves his car, but he hates paying for car insurance and NRMA membership each year. Do him a favour and pay for his annual insurance and the $120-odd cost of an NRMA membership. You’ll be his pride and joy for the whole year!

  • Don’t tell him he’s getting old – sometimes cash is not enough, a little bit of ‘lambing’ goes a long way. This year, dig out the old photo albums or Facebook photos and tell your dad that he looks younger today than he did five years ago. He will be walking on clouds fall week.

  • Don’t serve him bacon and eggs for breakfast and then tell him that bacon is bad for his cholesterol – there’s only one solution to this: just make him coffee (or tea) and avo-on-toast.

  • Do praise him during karaoke – at some point on Father’s Day, your father will be busting out that Magic Mike karaoke machine that he bought for 15,000 pesos (more than $500!) last time he went to the Philippines. Yes, we know you’ve heard him sing the same song a hundred times but just today, pretend it’s the first time you’ve heard it and be a good audience. Clap enthusiastically!

  • Don’t say Father’s Day is just marketing spin – you may be cynical aand think Father's Day, like Valentine's Day, is designed to make us spend money but don’t forget it’s been a tough year for everyone and Pinoy dads rarely get as much attention as Pinoy mums. Use Father’s Day as an excuse to get all soppy and tell him how much you love him (the occasion totally calls for it!).

  • Bring him his slippers – remember when you were a kid and you used to do small things for your dad to show that you care? With me, the ritual was opening the door for him when he arrived from work and giving him his house slippers. Maybe a couple of hours on Father’s Day reminiscing about those happy days when you were still a kid is a priceless gift. 

Writer's father and brother (who is now a dad himself)

Sweeping generalisation here but Pinoy dads are sentimental at heart and love all those little gestures to show he’s an important part of your life.

But whatever you do, don’t give him socks, perfume or a t-shirt. He’s had enough of those! Once again, if all else fails, go with option one or option two above. An NRMA membership never goes astray! :D

Happy Father's Day!

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