Don't miss the revolution - the new wave of dance is here and it's hotter than ever.

The State Theatre in Sydney played host last night to one of the most outstanding showcases in dance of this generation. Ballet Revolucion lived up to its name. It's not the first time that a dance group has tried to fuse the new with the old, but the performers managed to lift the bar one notch higher with what they've displayed in front of the crowd.

Yes, they performed to the dance hits by Beyonce, Chris Brown, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and more. But what the show's poster didn't say was how beautiful, graceful and glorious all the dancers were. Molded and shaped by countless hours of dance training, they glided through the stage and jumped, skipped, hopped, clapped, yelled and did all these dance moves I never knew was humanly possible.

The Filipino Twist

But best of all, they allowed me to enjoy that part of the Filipino culture often forgotten when you move to another country - that passion for dancing constantly explored onstage when we were kids when EVERYBODY had to dance. The two-hour setlist, which included mambo, samba and top 40 hits, made me want to stand up and dance. An added bonus was that a live band performed the songs, giving the show that extra oomph.

I gasped alongside the audience when the dancers performed several incredibly difficult choreography. All of them were solo dancers, on top of their game, so it was hard to decide which part of the stage I should look at as they were all standouts.

Okay, so I do have to mention the eye-candy. Except Ballet Revolucion was an absolute candy shop. Their dance set to the music 'Forget You' by Cee Lo Green was my favourite - seeing them transform from geeks to gods cracked me up.

In an alternate universe, I would have loved to have been a professional dancer. How fulfilling is it to travel the world doing what you love, share your talents and, through your training, have a body so tight that jaws drop with a loud thud on the floor when you're around.

A big salute to everyone involved in the show. Now I'm off to start those dance lessons again.

Performing in Sydney until June 30

Photo credits: Ballet Revolucion Facebook


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