It is hard to follow through a new year’s resolution on January 1 when – for many Filipinos – Christmas doesn’t technically end until January 6 or the Feast of the Three Kings.

The Chinese New Year (January 25) is your second chance to follow through on those lifestyle goals. But wait! There’s only a few days left before you go back to work and your account balance is looking frail.

Here are ways to start kicking new goals without breaking the bank:

  1. Go into your least visited room in your house and spruce it up!

    It’s almost a new frontier! Look around and discover why you haven’t been to this area in your house. Open the curtains. Look out the window and see your area from a different angle and who knows, you might just realise that you’re in your new home office, gym or wellness studio. 2020 renovations, here we come!

image courtesy of Getty Images

image courtesy of Getty Images

  1. Got a garden? Time to revisit it. There’s something liberating about digging holes and displacing soil! And while you’re at it, look around and check out your old plants – some may need a lot of help. You might discover dead leaves that need to be cleared out of a plot. Seeing life happen reminds us that there’s a lot of movement happening around you … all you have to do is pay attention and embrace the wonder of it. It’s good for your garden and it’s good for your soul.

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3. Marie Kondo your house. So why stop at fixing your new room? You have a few days. Why not declutter your house ala Marie Kondo? If you still don’t know who Marie Kondo is, check out her TED talk on YouTube. She says, “throw away what doesn’t spark joy,” or something along those lines. Then start moving. You will see that as you declutter, you begin to breathe new life to your surroundings.

  1. And you might want to declutter not just your house but your finances and relationships, too.

image courtesy of Driven by Design

  1. Create an APP.You don’t have to be a techie to do this. You just have to think of things that you do every day and seem to have a difficulty doing. Then here is where the adventure happens! List down the steps that you usually do to accomplish this task.

    Then take out the steps that you find tedious and imagine shortcuts to make doing the task easier. Then go crazy! Decide a look for the app – color, page contents etc. When you’re done, you’re ready for your next adventure – finding the digital supplier that can make it happen.

 image courtesy of Pixabay

  1. Go on a trip down memory lane.

    So, have you chosen your new adventure? Get all your devices, photo albums and organise all your photos. This trip will allow you to travel to foreign places and a different time but cost you nothing. It’s your chance to learn more about yourself … and if you’re an ‘80s child, wonder how you ever thought acid wash looked good on you!

image courtesy of Stock Planets, Getty Images

So, have you chosen your new adventure?

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