Bloggers, tweeters, Goodreads reviewers, Facebook fans, authors, publishers, editors, publicists, librarians, booksellers, lurkers, and anyone who loves books — you’re all welcome to come along! Bring a book, or a friend, or a book and a friend.

Book o’clock will be on Tuesday, April 1 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, upstairs at Small Bar (48 Erskine St, Sydney). Everyone is welcome, and the event is free. You can purchase alcohol and food from the bar. (Drinks menu | Food menu)

Need to restock your bookshelf?

As part of this event, there will be a Book Smorgasbord. Yes, you read that right! A smorgasbord! You can take as many books as you can carry for $15. Do not faint in excitement! But yes, this is happening!

All proceeds will go to World Vision for the Philippine Typhoon Appeal. You can check out the appeal’s Facebook page here and the website here.

If you’d like to donate books, you’re more than welcome to bring your books along on the night and add them to the smorgasbord. Just a few rules:
1. Books must be final editions — no proofs.

2. No books with ARC or ‘for review only’ stickers on them.
3. Books should be in reasonably good condition. (If you wouldn’t borrow them from a library in their condition, then they’re probably a bit too ratty.)

If we have any books left over at the end of the night, they'll go to Sappho Books and any additional proceeds will also be donated to World Vision. The rest will be donated to a library or a charity.

If you’re coming along, let us know in the comments or via Twitter. And if you find yourself unexpectedly free on the 1st, feel free to pop by without warning—we’ll be there with books!

book o' clock

book o' clock

Book poster design by Clarisse Djaja. 

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