Winter is coming and it’s time to look into our beauty essentials beginning with this star product that everyone is talking about these days. It’s called hyaluronic acid or hyaluronan – a substance naturally produced found in your skin, connective tissues and the eyes. However, as we age and get exposed to free radicals (tobacco smoke and pollution)  and the elements (the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun), along with collagen, our body slows down the production of these essential elements that keep the structure of our skin.

So to deter our skin from ageing faster than it should and retain its supple youthful look, the application of hyaluronic acid to reactivate the moisture holding capacity of our skin, is a major must.

To give you a full picture of the benefits of this clear gooey substance found in topical serums, eye drops and injections, see how it provides that dramatic difference:

  1. Makes your skin look healthy and supple

          - application of hyaluronic acid slows down the natural effects of ageing by enhancing

             the water binding qualities of collagen.

  1. Alleviates dry skin

           - it deeply hydrates skin by binding moisture to celle

  1. Allows wound to heal faster

           - hyaluronic acid regulates inflammation and signals the body to produce more blood  cells.

  1. reduces the appearance of fine line

            - because of its moisture retaining qualities, fine lines seemingly disappear and the skin smoother due the natural plumpness of the skin. It also improves skin elasticity and boost firmness.

There are so many modes of applying hyaluronic acid and a number of benefits. Aside from its beauty enhancements it may also help in soothing acid reflux symptoms, relieves dry eye discomfort, prevent bladder pain and preserve bone strength.

However, as the old folks say, too much of a good thing may also be bad for you. Some write-ups talk about how the over-use of hyaluronic acid may also lead to dryness. 

So read up, consult your dermatologist and know that his may be another step in your journey to flawless.

Have you had the experience of using hyaluronic acid? Tell us what you think! ;)

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